04/05/22 – Killington Bday Q

04/05/22 – Killington Bday Q

Workout Date:





Side Out, Crabs, First base, Judge Judy, Pikachu, Skimmer, Flatliner, O'Doul's (Yogamat)

The Thang:


“See what happen was,”…..I don’t know what they did for the COP, because my alarm didn’t go off and I woke up in a panic and had to drive incoherent and fast to make it just after the PAX had finished the COP. I caught up just in time to take charge of The Thang!!! Oh yes….much chatter and shenanigans about what would have happened if I had missed my Q, let alone my Birthday Q.

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The Thang:

Mossie to the cross:

46 Rocky balboas

23 dips

46 step ups

23 decline merkins

Mossie to the football field.

Glory days – football field

Rd 1: Plank walks & bear crawls to the 50 yard

Lunges & toy soldiers back, switch every 10 yards.

Rd 2: 46 jailhouse squats, run to 50 and back.

Rd 3: 46 LBC’s, run to 50 and back

Rd 4: 46 calf raises, run to the 50 and back

Mossie to coupon pile:

Round 1

23 count:

Curls for girls

Bent over rows

overhead presses


Bus drivers

Round 2: rinse and repeat

Mary & stretching

Homer humping Marg

Iron Maiden crosses

Dying cockroaches

Box cutters


Circle of trust