1% Better!

1% Better!

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Burgundy, Quicksand, King James (Rousey's 2.0), HallPass (1xR DR Irmo, SC), Cubbie (co-AOQ), and Viagra (1xR co-AOQ)

The Thang:

Conditions: Mid 60s, light wind, and we caught a gorgeous sunrise while at the beach towards the beginning of the beatdown!

YHC / QIC has never Q’d at #TimeShare (TS).  I have posted plenty of times, but not lead these #HIM.  So, when Cubbie earlier in the week needed Qs and coming fresh off lessons learned from #GR22 (team first), YHC saw it as an opportunity to put feet to head knowledge and do it.  Throw in King James desire to post somewhere on Saturday and voila we are on!

This mornings #weinke at TS would conceptually revolve around continuing to honor MBPD PFC Jacob Hancher / F3 Hightower (EOW 10/3/2020) with his hero WOD (we did at #GR22, but modified since we all didn’t have rucks), a stout team goal (770 Burpees), and put us at the beach (that is .12 miles away from COT).  Our mantra would to get “1% better” each round and/or segment.  5 other #HIMs showed up, welcome to F3, mission, disclaimer, and we got after it!

Warm Up:  IC 15-20 reps of SSHs, TTTs, IWs, Tempo Squats, LBACs CCW/CW, and Air Presses.  OYO 22 Merkins.

SEGMENT 1: Modified Hightower Hero WOD.  Mosey to beach and circle up.  5 rounds of the following:

  1. 20 SSH IC.
  2. 20 Flutter Kicks IC.
  3. 20 LBCs IC.
  4. 15 Burpees (14 on round 5) OYO.  Modify as necessary.

*Each Pax took turns leading exercises 1 – 3 IC as it was the format during #GR22 and it gave them an opportunity to lead an IC type exercise.
**At the end of each round, the group ran apx. 1/16 of a mile along the shoreline that was increased more each subsequent round —  at least “1% better” each time!
***The total number of IC exercises was 300 per Pax; the total number of Burpees was 74.  Hightower’s badge number was 374.

SEGMENT 2: The Team Burpee Requirement.  770 Burpees or apx. 110 per Pax.

  1. YHC calculated that each Pax had 74 Burpees already knocked out that left 36 more per Pax to go.
  2. Pax completed said number.  770 Burpees as a team completed.

*Pax were winded, but still had more to give.  “1% better”…so, YHC audibled and the Pax complete a half round of said WOD and did a jail break sprint at the end.  Now 840 Burpees was our team total — strong work guys!

The crew then trotted back to the COT.

At COT we did an abbreviated cool down w/ stretching and time!

COR – 7
Praise report/Prayer requests: Spoken and unspoken.
Modified BOM by Cubbie.

Announcements: Check out F3 GrandStrand regional website, Slack messages and Twitter posts for daily updates and information.

NMMS1: Strong work this morning by all!  Revolving the #weinke around Hightower’s Hero WOD, lessons learned from #GR22, and using the beach made for an awesome morning!  Please take the time to learn more PFC Hancher / F3 Hightower and his sacrifice HERE.

NMMS2: “1% better.”  That was the mantra during last weekend’s GrowRuck…to #accelerate each day in all Fs by 1%.  YHC’s goal is to get out to the AOs I don’t normally get to every 6 weeks (even outside of the region) because we are brothers supporting each other…that’s one of my “1%s”…what’s yours?!

Honor to lead the TS #HIM!



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