Catapult CFT training

Catapult CFT training

Workout Date:





Jingles (respect), Elmers (respect), Judge Jeudy, Rain Bird (respect), Sideout (respect), First Base, Penelope, Rousey (respect), Crabs, Speedbump (QIC)

The Thang:

Conditions: 55F, Clear, No Wind. Great workout weather for 10 Pax. I decided utilize this Q to force the innocent Pax bystanders to train with me for an upcoming Marine combat fitness test. The fireman carry was particularly dreaded (but could be modified down with buddy drag or lunges). Great job by Pax for trying something a little different.

Warm up began prompt at 5:15am.

19 reps each of: Side Straddle Hops, Hairy Rockets, Windmill, Seal Claps, Overhead Claps.

25 yards each: Toy Soldier, Karaoke (both ways)

1/4 mile Indian Run long way around the AO, then grab blocks.

Workout began approx 5:25 by pairing up with a partner of approximately same weight.

3 Reps : Partner 1 “ammo can carry” 140 yds while carrying blocks one in each hand farmer walk style but pace is as fast as you can (down and back from the first light pole in the back parking lot to the shed). Partner 2 does stationary workout until Partner 1 returns then switch (we did LBCs, Flutter Kicks, and Side Straddle Hop).

3 Reps of “Movement Under Fire” prep on football field, start on goal line (aka the 0 yard line): Low Crawl/Army Crawl 10 yds, Baby Crawl 10 yds, Sprint 30 yards (end at the 50 yard line wait for all pax to finish). Partner 1 Fireman carries partner 2 from the 50 yard line back 25 yards then switch, Partner 2 Fireman carries Partner 1 back to goal line.

120 reps of standing overhead press with block as fast as possible. Stopped when 1st Pax finished (Rousey crushed everyone).

Cool down began approx 5:45
1/4 mile Indian run around AO

Put blocks back

6 minutes of Mary (Pretzel Crunch, Big Boy Sit Ups, Flutter Kicks, Burpees)

Close at 6:00: Count-o-rama, name-o-rama, announcements (1st F Challenge, 2nd F Lunches), COT

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