100 Yards of Merkins

100 Yards of Merkins

Workout Date:





Candy Cane AOQ, Cyclone, Rocky Top, Pikachu Co-3Rd FQ QIC

The Thang:

AO Plank 

Conditions High 40’s

Yesterday I was on a job site with Candy Cane and he looks at me and says your on Q tomorrow. I was like what!?!. Well damn better get to working on a plan. 

One Minute Warning

Disclaimer abbreviated to get the body moving. 

15 Each IC, Harry Rocketts, Tempo Squats, Imperial Walkers, 15 Ea LBACF,R, SSH

Mosey a Lap to warm up and back to the center of the field.

Partner up

  1. P1 Lunge walk around circle, P2 SSH until P1 comes back
  2. P1 Squat walk while P2 does prisoner squats
  3. Decline merkins against building 100 total as P2 mosey to chosen location. These were actually terrible
  4. Shoulder taps, 100 two count P2 mosey to chosen location
  5. Merkins hop full length of the field. Explosive merkin hop as P2 mosey to opposite side of field and back to switch partners and get a mosey break.
  6. 5,4,3,2,1, Starting at 50 yard line do 5 SSH, mosey to 40 and back to 50 and complete 5,4 SSH continue until last round was 15 SSH

Circle up for Mary and 15 max and rules were Mary not full body.

Pikachu Iron Maiden Cross

Candy Cane Box Cutters

Cyclone American Hammers

Rocky Top Flutter Kicks

Count 4


Announcements Convergence next month, Operation Christmas child 25 shoe boxes as a region. Plantation lakes Turkey trot, Bling 5k in Carolina Forest.