11 men for 9/11/18 – #NeverForget

11 men for 9/11/18 – #NeverForget

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Bling, Turn & Cough, Flash, Varsity, Geno, Snips, Billboard, Macho Man, Rousey, Lombardi, OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

70’s.  Not bad, Hurricane Florence on the horizon

9/11 affected many of us profoundly.  Terrorism was brought front and center to our great country.  2,977 men, women, and children lost their lives.  Any of us old enough know exactly where we were and what we were doing when the first Twin Tower was struck 17 years ago.  Many of us had family, friends, loved ones, directly and indirectly affected by this tragic event.  YHC is originally from NY.  I have many friends and family with the NYPD and FDNY, and still others that worked in and around downtown NYC.  Calling, emailing, trying to find out what happened, who was there, who had been hurt or killed, the unknown minutes and hours that went by as we waited and waited.  Getting only news reports but no specifics.  It was brutal.  It is something YHC will definitely #NeverForget.

Since F3GrandStrand launched, I have taken the Q on 9/11 to honor those that lost their lives and those that sacrificed everything, as well as to make sure that we all #NeverForget this incident.  Too many people get hung up over nonsense and fight and argue over things that do not matter.  But 9/11/01 matters.  What happened to our borders and citizens matters.  So, I humbly take this Q and lead this workout.  Handy was kind enough to let YHC gather some cinderblocks for use.  We were on the field.

Men circled up and we started with a very quick:
SSH x 9 IC
IW x 11 IC

Moseyed to the field.  Handed out sheets.  1 side had information.  The other had the workout.  Sorry to Turn & Cough who didn’t have his glasses.

Here are the facts:

On September 11, 2001, 19 militants associated with the Islamic extremist group al-Qaeda hijacked four airliners and carried out suicide attacks against targets in the United States.  Two of the planes were flown into the towers of the World Trade Center (110-story skyscraper) in New York City, a third plane hit the Pentagon just outside Washington, D.C., and the fourth plane crashed in a field in Pennsylvania.  Often referred to simply as 9/11, the attacks resulted in extensive death and destruction, triggering major U.S. initiatives to combat terrorism and defining the presidency of George W. Bush.  A total of 2,977 people were killed in New York City, Washington, DC, and outside of Shanksville, Pennsylvania, in the worst terrorist attack in U.S. history. This included 400 police officers and firefighters.  Specifically:
– 2,753 people were killed when hijacked American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175 were intentionally crashed into the north and south towers or as a result of the crashes.
– 343 were New York City firefighters, another 23 were New York City police officers and 37 others were officers at the Port Authority.
– The victims ranged in age from two to 85 years. Approximately 75-80% of the victims were men.
– At the Pentagon in Washington, 184 people were killed when hijacked American Airlines Flight 77 crashed into the building.
– Near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, 40 passengers and crew members aboard United Airlines Flight 93 died when the plane crashed into a field.

– 8:46 am ET – American Airlines Flight 11 (traveling from Boston to Los Angeles) strikes the north tower of the World Trade Center in New York City.
– 9:03 am ET – United Airlines Flight 175 (traveling from Boston to Los Angeles) strikes the south tower of the World Trade Center in New York City.
– 9:37 am ET – American Airlines Flight 77 (traveling from Dulles, Virginia to Los Angeles) strikes the Pentagon Building in Washington.
– 9:59 am ET – South tower of WTC collapses in approximately 10 seconds.
– 10:03 am ET – United Airlines Flight 93 (traveling from Newark, New Jersey to San Francisco) crashes in a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania.
– 10:28 am ET – North tower of WTC collapses. The time between the first attack and the collapse of both World Trade Center towers is 102 minutes

This will be done DORA style:
1 PAX will start exercising while the other runs back and forth.  Then switch.  Cumulative reps.

The initial plan was for 16 exercises – 186 reps of each exercise #’s 1-15, 187 of #16.  To total 2,977.  We had to modify some, as YHC knew we would.

The exercises were broken down – chest/upper body, legs, arms, cardio, core
1. Merkins
2. Squats
3. Tri extensions with blocks
4. SSH’s
5. LBC’s

Time was of course becoming an issue.  Modifications were made to stop some running and do cumulative exercises.  Groups were then combined – which was later pointed out that while 2 men might not be able to finish something, add 1 or 2 more, and that group become stronger.  #ISI  Together we are stronger than when apart.

6. CDDs
7. Lunges (count each leg)
8. Curls with blocks
9. Plank Jacks
10. Flutters

11. Diamond Merkins
12. Calf raises on blocks
13. Homer to Marge Leg Levers
14. Mountain Climbers
15. Wide arm Merkins
16. Shoulder press blocks

Time was getting close, so YHC called it to respect everyone’s time, and in the COT encouraged everyone to finish out the rest of the printed #weinke:

Burpees – 102 of them:
Think about this, the time between the first attack and the collapse of both World Trade Center towers was 102 minutes – slightly over an hour and a half.  102 minutes of so many people seeing, hearing, experiencing pure and utter horror.  First responders entering crashing buildings that were on fire; regular people trying to help others.  Think about what they went through.  102 minutes that seemed like it would never end.  We are just outside doing a workout.  And we know it will end.  It hurts, but nothing like what these people went through. #NeverForget

SPRINT AYG 110 yards


Count-O-Rama – 11
Prayer request – All those affected by 9/11
Prayer request – America
Prayer request – everyone who is dealing with the impending Hurricane Florence
Prayer requests upspoken

It is all pretty much said above.  Thank you men for coming out and doing the harder thing.  Thank you for your leadership, friendship, accountability, and guidance.  Men, without you, without F3, many of our workouts are probably impossible.  With each of us there together, pushing each other, we can do the hard thing.  We can punish our bodies as a small token to those that lost so much more or were punished in so much more of a dramatic way.  Thank you


  • Just look out on Twitter and Slack for what will happen with upcoming workouts
  • #WaveRucker – going to move to #BombSquad Wednesday (tomorrow) at 0430 since non-essential personnel may not be allowed to go to MC
  • For help or TO help, hit up Snips and/or https://www.disasterhelp.me/



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