Juarez Valley at the Beach

Juarez Valley at the Beach

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1st Base, Sprinkles, Killington, Skippa, Bikini Wax, HoJo, Kiwi (Respect), Skimmer (Respect), O'Douls (AOQ)

The Thang:

Conditions: Mid 60s, slightly windy, and nice for outdoor workouts!  We’ll get to the sweltering SC summer months of June-July-August soon enough!

YHC (QIC)’s turn to lead the #Catapult (CP) #HIM.  YHC, with the weather being awesome, figured that we’d have a decent number of Pax with a mix of fitness levels.  So, the concept behind this morning’s beatdown would be something simple for everyone to do (modify as necessary).  Pouring through past #weinkes off of backblasts, YHC decided to relaunch a good one (actually stole it from F3 Princeton’s WallE) called the Juarez Valley (after he used it on us at the #SafeHouse VAO).

9 other Pax showed up.  YHC did the welcome to F3,  mission, and disclaimer in a Q101 format and did the same with the warm up (with the usual suspect of exercises IC and OYO) so that newer Pax with upcoming VQs could get some training.  Warm ups completed, Pax moseyed to the front of CFCC, and then the real fun began…

Juarez Valley WOD: The Juarez Valley (JV) – on the Mexico-Texas border – is reportedly a dangerous forty mile stretch of cotton fields and ghost towns.

The JV WOD is like an 11 or 21 circuit.  In this case the total number of reps. for most exercises is 20.  So, we started out down the valley with (A) 19 Merkins (M), (B) 19 Squats (S), and (C) 19 LBCs, then (D) Pax choice of either 4 Flying Squirrels (FS) (aka a Burpee with no Merkin nor big jump at the end, aka a crappy Burpee, aka the ones YHC probably does in actuality – lol) OR a short lap around the CFCC roundabout.  Then up the valley with 1 M, 1 S, 1 LBC and D 4 FS or lap.  Then back down the valley with 18, 18, 18, and 4 FS or L and you guessed it up the valley with 2, 2, 2, and 4 FS or L.  We were done when we hit 10 and 10 mark aka the valley floor at 0550.  We had 1 10-count so that we could form up as a team.  At one point, I could sense the Pax wondering if we’re gonna totally tip the scales like a true 21 (and be there for an extra 30 mins.), but told them 10 and 10 was it…sighs of relief followed — lol!

With JV completed, we moseyed back to the COT and YHC lead a quick round of stretching.  Great #mumblechatter here!


COR – 10
Praise report/Prayer requests: Spoken and unspoken.

Announcements: Check out F3 GrandStrand regional website, Slack messages and Twitter posts for daily updates and information.  Freed to Bleed.

NMMS: All the CP Pax put in strong work and completed the JV WOD!  All agreed that the “grind” of the WOD – especially in the middle – is what makes this the most challenging.  This was not an AMRAP WOD, all reps. were completed.

Honor to lead!



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