Warthog Thursday

Warthog Thursday

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Snips, Bubbles, Karma, Flash, Surf n’ Turf – Noodles (DR from Savannah he was late and joined at the end)

The Thang:



Earlybird messaged out that he could not Q. I didn’t want to go on Thursday but it was a good excuse to get me out in the Gloom, so I took it. Just what was I going to do?

I looked over some of the other backblasts and took a page from Castaway the day before. I always come up with a Q that I cannot really do and end up shorting some of the reps or taking a knee. This one had to be different. I can’t do 1000 reps so I started with 10 exercises and 20 reps and modified from there. I’m sure Bubbles, Flash, Karma Snips and Surf n Turn can do 1000 reps but we ended up with 500.


1 minute warning was given, the disclaimer and we stated.

20 SSH

20 Hillbillies

10 merkins

15 arm circles forward and back

I like to move around and use different things around Market Common- today was no different. We Moseyed over to the picnic tables, Karma asked me if it was the same Q as I used last time. No way, not me.

20 reps of each exercise

Merkin – Squat – Big Boys – Hillbilly Squat – Diamond Merkin – 4 Count Flutter Kicks – Dips – Calf Raises (don’t neglect your calves) – LBC – SSH

Mosey to the fountains run the same list with 15 reps of each one

The Hillbilly Squat is a good one that will take its toll on you.


Once those were done move to the next fountain- run the same list with 10 reps.


Mosey down to the Barnes and Nobel to run the list with 5 reps each. All of these places have a wall, table or a bench to do the dips on so use everything you have out there in the workout.


We had some time so the dismay of Snips we Mosey back around the long part of the lake with Snips leading the way (he is a runner).

Karma kept me in line with the bad cadence counts and lead into the exercises. He also got me straight on the COT and the count down.

The Oyster has a bunch of V Q’s this week- you won’t just see Karma, Bubbles, and Surf N Turf there anymore. Please check it out.

Snips will be Qing soon, Karma was all over him since it has been three years (summers mostly).

Thank you all for the opportunity to lead.


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