12 Blocks of Christmas

12 Blocks of Christmas

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Judge Judy


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The Thang:


First day of winter and shortest day of the year. Weather was chilly and about to rain on us at any moment. Thankfully the rain held out until after our workout and it rained all day thereafter and was cold, wet and nasty.


Welcome to F3 Catapult, disclaimer, first Q and my 45th birthday. Asked Pickachu mission of F3 which caught him by surprise and he got through it after stumbling a bit.
Started Warmup with several new warmup exercises new to Catapult as I wanted to change it up and bring something fresh and new to the COP.

Grabbing Grass- cadence of 15

Cross Country skier- cadence of 15

Downhill skier- cadence of 15

Windmill- cadence of 15

little baby circles- cadence of 15

reverse little baby arm circles- cadence of 15

After the COP we mosied a short lap around the church to the block pile and carried the blocks to the big church side parking lot.


Beat down:

The workout was 12 separate block exercises in a row done continuously as one big circuit with 10 reps of each exercise followed by 1 lap around the baseball field. With the goal of doing 4 rounds. As I we got into the exercise I told folks to decrease reps each round from 10 to 8 to 6 to 4.

1. Clean and Press- 10 reps ( one of my favorite exercise with the block as it works the entire body and gets the heart rate up)

2. Curls- 10 reps

3. tricep ext.- 10 reps

4. Merkin followed by a block jump- 10 reps (basically a burpee but jumping over a block)

5. Shoulder Press- 10 reps

6. Squats- 10 reps

7. Pike Merkins with feet on block- 10 reps

8. bent over rows- 10 reps

9. lunges- 5 each leg

10. alternating one arm on block merkins- 10 reps

11. Big boys with feet in block as an anchor- 10 reps

12. block swings- 10 reps

All 12 exercises were performed with a big block and done continuously with no rest as one big circuit followed by 1 lap around the baseball field.

As you dream these workouts up you have no idea how hard or easy they are going to be. As we finished 1 round I realized that I might have made it a little too difficult and too ambitious so I told everyone to decrease the reps by 2 for each round. I think some folks did and some stuck with original 10 reps.

Time got away from me and we stopped 5 minutes until 6:00 am. Some Paxs got 3.5 rounds in, some got 4 rounds in and some got 5 rounds with 10 reps IN! Good job Pikachu with the 5 rounds of 10 reps. That is an ass of reps.  You killed it! I think Candy Cane got 5 rounds in as well. He killed it as usual.

I do want to note what I found to be hilarious was as we were probably half way through the block workout a Pax from bomb squad said, “This is Catapult isn’t it?” implying the workout was very difficult. A true beat down!

5 minutes left we went back to the starting point and I was presented with a white and black brick painted with F3 logo as a present for Qing my very first F3 workout. The brick went in my office.

We also did count-aroma, name, age, F3 name and favorite thing about Christmas, announcements and prayers

It was an honor to lead my first Q and look forward to many more.

I certainly kicked my own ass during the beat down!

Enjoyed it fellas and see you in the gloom!

Judge Judy




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