12/28/22 Bomb Squad, Lifts and Laps

12/28/22 Bomb Squad, Lifts and Laps

Workout Date:





Cross Stitch (AOQ), Beef Steak, Elmers (R), Jetah, ERC, Box Car, Drifter, Candy Cane, Dough Boy, Speedbump (QIC)

The Thang:

-Conditions: 30 degrees, no wind, dark, dry, sky’s clear.

10 pax posted to work off some Christmas cookies at a slightly warmer beat down than the previous few days have offered and discovered that 30 degrees is significantly more comfortable workout weather than 20 degrees and shouldn’t prevent anyone from posting. For all the fair-weather fart sackers just know I did observe a woman running in my neighborhood in a tank top on my way to the beat down.

-The Thang:

Disclaimer and Warm Up: 5 min. Side Straddle Hop, LBAC fwd and rev, Seal Clap, Overhead Clap, Mountain climbers, Mousey around the church then to the block pile with side slides, karaoke, but kickers, high knees, and backwards mosey mixed in.

Work Out: 20 reps OYO of 1 push exercise, 1 pull exercise, 1 leg exercise, and 1 ab exercise followed by a lap around the church (or big lap if you finished the exercises before most others). Repeat 4 times.

1st round: merkins, bent over rows, block squats, jack knives, run lap

2nd round: Carolina dry docks, upright rows, lunges, heels to heaven, run lap

3rd round: decline merkins, Romanian dead lifts, lateral squats, pretzel crunches, run lap

4th round: incline merkins, lawn mower rows, jump squats, American hammers, run lap

Put the blocks back then 10 minutes of Mary (penguins, Freddy Mercury, flutter kicks, burpee ring of fire, LBC, box cutter, shoulder tap merkins, big boy sit ups, hello Dolly, dying cockroach).

-Mole Skin: Mumble chatter of the morning, bowl games suck now. Why can’t we get the ECU and CCU matchup in the Carolinas? Coaches don’t coach bowls because they move next year or get fired and are forced to leave their teams early. Players don’t care unless they are in the playoffs, some good players don’t even play because they are transferring next year or going pro. No one knows what bowl games are anymore because regional sponsors constantly change the names of bowls. Maybe I’m just bitter because Ok State game started at 10:15pm, or maybe it’s because they melted down the last half of the season to finish unranked and lost their bowl when the pushed as high as #6. Hopefully the 12 team playoff makes it better in two years and the NFL playoffs this year are as good as last year.

-BOM: YHC led, Announcements: Q changeovers, Sheild lock groups starting, January Bombsquad challenge. Prayers: Buffalo storm victims (ERC making the trip up there, be safe), guidance and wisdom for all.

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