Batter Up Block Bash!💪

Batter Up Block Bash!💪

Workout Date:





First Base, Hedgehog, Odoul’s(Catapult AOQ), Crabs, Killington, Hojo

The Thang:

AO: Catapult
Time: 05:30-6:15

Began with Several Minutes of Stretching then:
->Hillbillies x 20 (IC)
5 Merkins (OYO)
->Through the tunnel x 15 (IC)
5 Merkins (OYO)
->Imperial Walker’s x 15 (IC)
5 Merkins (OYO)
->Windmills x 15 (IC)
5 Merkins (OYO)
->LBAC’s x 15 (IC)
->LBAC’s Reverse x 15 (IC)
->Seal Claps x 15 (IC)
->Overhead Claps x 15 (IC)

5 Merkins (OYO)

->Mosey to bleachers by concession stand
Step Ups x 20 (OYO)
Dips x 20 (OYO)

->Mosey to block pile and grab a block and head to big parking lot.

Main Event

For the main event Pax we’re divided up to make 2 teams that each had their own baseball diamond (using cones for the bases.  The format for each inning (round) would be for the first pax on each team to jog to first base (with block) and do 5 reps of the activity for that round.  When they finished they would jog to 2nd base (with block) and do 10 reps, then 3rd base and do 15 reps, and lastly home and do 20 reps then 5 burpees without the block.  The team aspect of this was that each pax could not advance to the next base until the pax in front of them completed their reps.  When all pax had completed the bases and 5 burpees then the team would run a lap.  The first team back to home plate each inning/round would win that inning.
Refer to pic below for the setup.
Inning #1- Curls
Inning #2- Squats w/block
Inning #3- Overhead Press
Inning #4- Bench Press
* Total cardio= 1.5 miles per GPS watch

In conclusion, all pax were beast mode during this workout!!💪  Both teams won innings but if you want to know the final score you should have posted!🤣

Count O’Rama

Name O’Rama

->2nd F Event- Baseball game at Pelican’s stadium on Saturday 8/14/21, check Slack for further details and get those HC’s in.

Prayer Requests:
->Crabs has five 2.0’s already but is looking to adopt another (True #HIM).  A recent attempt didn’t work out so prayers for that situation and prayers for a future successful adoption.
->Prayers for Brown Bag’s good friend Ray Winters who is struggling with Covid.

Honor to lead!

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