Forget Me Not – Q

Forget Me Not – Q

Workout Date:



Kiwi (Respect X 2)


Crabs, First Base, Killington, Hedgehog, Spork, Hojo, Headgear (soon to be Nantan), Brown Bag (Current Nantan - Respect), O’Douls (AOQ)

The Thang:

AO: Catapult

Conditions: Humid as usual but a little cooler than past few days probably 78 and clear.

Being as I am no spring chicken (probably not even a summer chicken) and being as I have been at the beach for the last week with family and had just returned from taking my son Will to Appalachian State for his freshman year – I totally spaced this Q until I looked on the Q sheet to see who was large and in charge.  I panicked initially and started scrambling to see who might switch out with me – Hedgehog being the F3 Brother he is immediately offered his Thursday Q for my Tuesday Q , AOQ O’Douls was less understanding since he had talked to me and confirmed this date two weeks prior as well as already posting it on Slack which for me is when I stop asking for replacement and put on my big boy pants and get busy!

5:29 One minute warning

5:30 Mission Statement – no disclaimer but no newbies with this group so no worries.

Warm up – most 20 with some 15s and one 10

Harry Rockettes – Lots of mumble chatter BC no one can believe that I would start with an exercise that requires some form of cadence but hey man – rocked it! – 20

TTT – 20

Tempo Squats – 10

Hillbillies – again decent cadence was observed by all -21?

Moroccan Night Club Dancers – I did not realize these had a little belly action with the arm action – all had a good laugh from these and really loosened up – 15

LBAC – F/R – 15

SSH – 20

The Thang

Three Stations – Cross, Home Plate, and Back Church parking area with four cones spread over 100 yards – all done OYO with planking after until all finished.

Station One – Cross

50 Calf Raises

40 Carolina Dry Docks

30 Step Ups

20 Dips

10 burpees – took a 10 count – some old guy needed it 🙂

Station 2 – Home plate

50 – LBCs

40 High Knees

30 Step Ups – bleachers

20 Monkey Humpers

10 Merkins

Station 3 – Back Church Parking Lot after retrieval of blocks

start – 50 Curls for Girls

25 yard mosey with block – 40 tri-extensions

25 yard mosey with block – 30 overhead presses

25 yards with block – 20 Inverted Rows

25 yards with block – 10 Lion Kings

All then did murder Bunnies back most or all the way Whew – good one

We then rinsed and repeated station 1 – Cross exchanging Monkey Humpers for Burpees – everything else was the same

Skipped station 2 (time restraints) back to Station 3 for full exercise except for murder bunnies – just moseyed blocks back to coupon pile.  Some had the idea that we were done but Nooo back to cones for a round of suicides as hard as possible.

Mary led by Nantan – Brown Bag

15 – flutters in Cadence

15 – Hello Dollies in Cadence

15 Heels to Heaven In Cadence

Moleskin: Great to have both the current Nantan and Future Nantan to join us on their Nantan tour – Great Leadership by Brown Bag over the last year and looking forward to Headgear’s future leadership.  Other thoughts were how motivating it continues to be for me to get out with this group of guys who really enjoy each other’s company and have a great time.  Good to see Killington, Hedgehog, Crabs stepping up at this AO and to have Spork over as he recovers from broken foot.  Hojo, First Base, and AOQ O’Douls are sure to spice things up with great wit and humor!

Count – O – Rama – 10 on Q

Name – O – Rama

Announcements – 10 year first weekend in October – get in a clown car and don’t miss it!

Saturday – Nantan transfer and Q at Warthog be there or be square

Saturday Night – F3 Pelican’s Game – Courtesy of Turd Burglar

YHC – Prayed – some that can be mentioned are teachers, those suffering with Covid and praised us out – Thankful

Honored as always to lead

SYITG – Kiwi




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