12 Rounds of Christmas🎄

12 Rounds of Christmas🎄

Workout Date:





First Base, Crabs, O'Doul's(CP AOQ), Cross-Stitch, Skimmer(R), Hamburglar, Kiwi(Rx2), Billy Blanks(2.0), Elmer's

The Thang:

AO: Catapult

Time: 0515

Right as I was getting off work yesterday afternoon Hamburglar texts to see if I want to meet at 0445 for 2.5 to 3 mile pre-run.  Heck no I don’t😀 but I need to as he reminded me the Myrtle Beach marathon is coming up in March I am signed up for the half so I agree to his proposal.  Glad I got the miles in after the fact but due to workout (which looked way better on paper than it actually was to execute🤣), I pretty much had to give it everything I had this morning.  Shout out to the Stache- It’s guys like Hamburglar that push you to do more than what you think you can do and to push yourself to new levels!

SSH x 20 (IC)

Merkins x 10 (OYO)

HR’s x 10 (IC)

Merkins x 10 (OYO)

TTT x 10 (IC)

Merkins x 10 (OYO)

Flying Nun’s (Lunge walking while doing LBAC’s) We did one complete circle until pax came back to their original spot.

IW’s x 15 (IC)

Overhead Clap x 15 (IC)

Seal Claps x 15 (IC)

->Mosey to Bleachers

Warm Up:
20 Step-Ups

20 Dips

->Mosey to small parking lot beside the football field for the Main Event.

Main Event:
(Set to YHC’s Christmas Playlist)
The format was that Pax paired up, 2 Pax per parking lot space on the left hand side of the parking lot.

Then 12 Rounds of Christmas delights followed.

Pax#1 would perform a stationary exercise while Pax#2 did a not so delightful exercise to the other end of the parking lot and back.

Then Pax#1 and Pax#2 switched places did the exercise and that concluded a round and on to the next.

Pax 1) Mountain Climbers
Pax 2) Bear Crawl

Pax 1) Flutter Kicks
Pax 2) Toy Soldier

Pax 1) Carolina Dry Docks
Pax 2) Crawl Bear

Pax 1) Heels to Heaven
Pax 2) Forward Lunge Walk

Pax 1) Floyd Mayweather’s
Pax 2) Bear Crawl

Pax 1) American Hammer’s
Pax 2) Toy Soldier

Pax 1) Smurf Jacks
Pax 2) Crawl Bear

Pax 1) Plank Jacks
Pax 2) Forward Lunge Walk

Pax 1) Jump Squats
Pax 2) Bear Crawl

Pax 1) Hello Dolly
Pax 2) Toy Soldier

Pax 1) Wide Arm Merkins
Pax 2) Crawl Bear

Pax 1) Crunchy Frogs
Pax 2) Forward Lunge Walk

->Mosey to the block pile and grab a block

1 Round of Colt 45’s

1 Round of Overhead Press (IC)

->Mosey to the flag

Mary (Pax Choice):

O’Doul’s- Outlaws (IC)

Crabs- Boxcutter’s (IC)

First Base- Pretzel Crunches (IC)


Count-O-Rama (10)

->Christmas Party this Saturday

->Ugly Christmas Sweater Convergence next Saturday 12/18/21 held in Conway (F3 Republic)

Prayer requests and Praise Reports:
->Kiwi’s daughter has been accepted into an HR internship coming up next year!

->Prayer’s that in the midst of Christmas tree’s, presents, and all the other festivities, we don’t miss the true meaning of why we celebrate Christmas!

Prayer by YHC

In hindsight I probably would have prepared a Pearl Harbor tribute workout but with the busyness of my schedule and the holiday season I didn’t realize the 80th anniversary was today until scrolling through Twitter this morning after the workout.

Catapult is an awesome AO with good leadership and a tight knit following! If you haven’t posted or been on Q there yet, get your butt on the schedule!

Honor to Lead!!

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