Attack of the parking garage

Attack of the parking garage

Workout Date:



Jetah (2ndfQ)


AX: YHC, Headgear (Na'Tan) Fergie (AOQ+Respect) Snips (Respect), Baggage, McCormick, Semper, Squirt

The Thang:

Saw our grand poo bah aoq ask for someone to step up and take the conn today, so I took one for the team, having not q’d the mothership in a hot second. Seeing how it is our aoq’s respect week I knew I had to bring my B game so I did. Role into the gloom at 0510 to see a few pax under the lights with the shovel flag already planted. Round up the crew, and McCormick makes a manziel like appearance right at 0515 rolling down forbus court like a salty veteran. With his ostentatious arrival we commenced the festivities at 0516. Step 1: introductions, and disclaimers, step 2: mosey to the playground for some good morning burpees, hairy rockettes, side straddle hops and tunnel traverses. With that complete and out of the way, we proceed with a mosey to the parking garage to enjoy the bounties that mother nature bestowed on us in this wonderful month. On the way we saw a convoy of vehicles so we had to do some monkey humpers. Upon arrival at the garage, we proceeded to assault it level by level in teams of 2 First up, a dora w/ suicides by speed bump, while partner b knockouts out lbcs and big boys. Next up, partner a holds plank while b lt. Dan’s up the ramp. Next, partner Air squats while partner b sprints to the top and does 5 burpees before returning. Last, jailbreak to the top of the garage knocking out 2 burpees every light pole. Upon summiting the garage a quick 10 count then mosey back home. Cot, roth, to wrap up; honored to lead. Prayers go out to snips mission, humpback, my grandmother. Announcements: lunch next week, cocktail hour 25 August