150lb KB!! There is only one in the F3Nation!

150lb KB!! There is only one in the F3Nation!

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Grass Patch, Billboard, Mudslide, Stuffed Crust, Bluegrass (QIC)

The Thang:

Today was a big day for Southern Bells because there was new equipment in place. In slack there is constant chatter about how Beach Bells is sooooo much better because they have a 100lb KB and they lift soooo much more weight down there and we just cant keep up with our little 80lb kb. So with all of that going on I had a plan of just going ahead and shutting that down for good with a 150lb Kb and a 106lb Kb, giving us the two largest KBs in the region. I really wanted to debut the KBs with a couple of the BeachBells guys being at SouthernBells so I reached out to a couple BeachBell dudes and told them I needed them at SouthernBells and Billboard was on scene when I arrived this morning!! I tested out both the 106 and 150 on swings before bringing them to the beatdown, (I recorded it OneCall/Bling, so don’t bother with your doubt, I will post if necessary) and the 106 really isn’t terrible but the 150 was a little much so I decided not to use them in swings. The 150 is ok to swing it is just very hard to get it to stop swinging when you hit that last rep, it will literally remove you from your position and make you follow the bell when trying to stop it and set it down without slamming it or just dropping it. We decided that the KB and mudslide weigh about the same amount so just imagine putting a handle on mudslide and swinging him around for a little while! Good Times! We certainly had a lot of fun with these new bells and we are happy that there is now no question as to what the best KB AO in the Nation is.

One last thing, this is for Onecall regarding his most recent BB. First off we don’t own a 103lb KB, its 106lbs, get it right! Second, We didn’t have to have Billboard there to lift it but I thought he should be there to help break it in. Third, do we even know if you can lift it? I mean have you ever tried to lift a 150lb KB?? Maybe you should make sure you can do it before you question those that have! Hahahaha #Rivalry #OneUp #YourTurn #ImSoJealousOfYouIJustHaveToRunMyMouth

Conditions: warm and humid
1 minute warning

Lined up the kettlbells (all 776lbs of them) in ascending order other than the 106 and 150 and had dumbbells at each end (2-25s and 2-35s).

Timer set for 25 seconds on and 5 seconds to get to next station

Set 1:
KB swings-every KB other than 106 and 150

Set 2:
Alternating curls and tricep extensions
106-Deficit deadlift on blocks
150-Deficit deadlift on blocks

Set 3:
Bent over rows with all double KB and DBs
70-Good Mornings
80-Good Mornings
106-Deficit deadlift on blocks
150-Deficit deadlift on blocks

Set 4:
25 DBs-Lateral raise
25 KBs-Lateral raise
30 KBs-Lateral raise
40 KBs-Military Press
50 KBs-Military Press
70 KB-Military Press
80 KB-Military Press
35 DBs-Military Press
106-Deficit deadlift on blocks
150-Deficit deadlift on blocks

Set 5:
25 DBs-Alternating Lunges
25 KBs-Alternating Lunges
30 KBs- Alternating Lunges
40 KBs-Squat
50 KBs- Squat
70 KB-Goblet Squat
80 KB- Goblet Squat
35 DBs- Alternating Lunges
106-Deficit deadlift on blocks w/ shrug
150-Deficit deadlift on blocks w/ shrug
Set 5:
PAX Choice
PAX Choice
PAX Choice
70 and 80 KB-Shrug


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