2/15/23 BombSquad pre-birthday pull up prep beatdown.

2/15/23 BombSquad pre-birthday pull up prep beatdown.

Workout Date:





Doughboy (AOQ), Quaker (R), Sunshine, High Interest, Rousey (R), Jetah, Humpback, ERC, Cross Stitch, Coat Hanger, Speedbump (QIC)

The Thang:

Conditions: 50 degrees, light wind, dark, dry. 11 pax posted to celebrate the last day I would be 35 by working out their backs, arms, abs, and legs with me in the gloom.

Disclaimer and Warm Up: My failed attempt to teach 8 count body builders started us out with a good laugh. Turns out counting higher than 4 is trickier than I remembered. After that debacle: 15 reps of Imperial Walkers, Hill Billy’s, Windmill, Seal Clap, and Overhead claps then get blocks and return to the flag.

Work Out:

-4 rounds of 3 exercises 35 reps each OYO then hold plank until everyone is complete followed by a on call sprint lap around the church.

1st round: bent over rows, block pull overs, curls, plank, sprint lap

2nd round: Romanian dead lifts, merkins, front raise, plank, sprint lap

3rd round: lawn mower rows, overhead press, triceps extensions, plank, sprint lap

4th round: upright rows, plate pinch (35 seconds), wrist curls, plank, sprint lap

Put the blocks back then plank for 3 minutes.

-Mole Skin: Good showing for the pre-runs. Doughboy, Cross Stitch, Coat Hanger, and YHC did 3 sprints around the church while Beefsteak knocked out his own run down the trail. And next time anyone wants to try a new exercise out on the group I’d definitely recommend a rehearsal.

-BOM: Announcements: Freed to Bleed Feb 24th. Prayers: guidance and wisdom for all, and comfort and support for Coat Hanger’s friend on hospice.

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