2020/2021 Q on the Fly

2020/2021 Q on the Fly

Workout Date:





Hoser, Lombardi, Headgear, Bling, OneCall, Valvano (QIC)

The Thang:

YHC took this Q a while back hoping to send WaveRucker out of 2020 on a high note, but then proceeded to leave my 2020/2021 Q at the office last night, so ended up modifying on the fly a bit.  Hopefully it still lived up to the WaveRucker standard.  Hoser asked what equipment would be needed on Slack and YHC replied “Rucks, Sandbags, Smiles”.  Bling clearly opted to #modifyasneeded smiles to the typical complaints and groans.  Only 6 PAX present, but all had 60# sandbags, which made the Q on the fly a bit easier.

43 and clear.  Windchill in the upper 30s

1 minute warning and disclaimer

0430: Ruck up with sandbags and head out.  We’ll warm up with a lap around the lake.
0434: Less than 1/4 mile in and we all hear the familiar sound of a sandbag hitting asphalt off of Headgear’s back.  YHC decided to pull play Cadre since we are preparing for GrowRuck – all PAX perform 20 sandbag manmakers for punishment.  That wasn’t fun, but no one was cold afterwards!
Continue around the lake until we get about half way.  Drop bags and rucks and perform: 20 ruck bench presses, 20 flutter kicks IC with rucks overhead, 20 ruck bench presses
Ruck back up and continue the lap until we make it to Mt. Myrtle.

Sandbags were left on the path by the lake and we went over Mt Myrtle and dropped rucks on the other side.
11s: Ruck curls, backpedal up, crawl bear down, sandbag overhead presses, crawl bear up, mosey down

Grab rucks for the next lap around the lake – sandbags were left at Mt Myrtle
For this lap, ruck holds were rotated:
Farmer carry from Mt Myrtle to the far bridge
Some form of PT was done here … sets of 20 … Q on the fly …
Overhead carry across the bridge
21 front squats, 21 calf raises
Front carry ruck without straps/handles to the Valor Park cross walk
Some form of PT done here … sets of 21 … Q on the fly …
Farmer carry ruck backwards to random trash can waypoint
Some form of PT done here … sets of 21 … Q on the fly …
Front carry with straps, ruck backwards to next random
Some form of PT done here … sets of 21 … Q on the fly …
Standard ruck back to Mt Myrtle

Only 15 minutes left at this point, so we set out to rinse/repeat the previous 11s.  This time, overhead press the ruck and curl sandbags.
We all made it through 4-5 rounds before time was getting tight, so to finish up, sandbag drag backwards up and over and then ruck back to trucks.

Time Called!

Count-O-Rama – 6
–  FreedToBleed – TODAY!
– Convergences – 1/1/20 at 65th Ave (be ready to get in ocean), 1/2/20 5yr BombSquad anniversary
Prayer requests


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