22nd Q to honor the fallen

22nd Q to honor the fallen

Workout Date:





Hedgehog, Tandem, Judge Judy, Texas Ranger, Pikachu QIC Co 3rd FQ

The Thang:

AO The Gavel

Conditions Low 40’s and beautiful 

Today was my 22nd Q since the AO challenge started. And im sure glad it is over. In talking with Texas Ranger this am we agreed that we both were glad it was over. Challenge was fun and it created a challenge within a challenge as me and TR had no shot at winning the overall title without serious work so we had our challenge which was fun and i did enjoy it. Thanks TR for keeping it going and pushing hard. We pushed each other as I planned on backing off this month but TR was coming for my spot in the rankings. Well sh!$, looks like i cant slack off now. It would be extra work since I would be on vacation for a few days and well running was my only option to keep TR from pulling ahead and the closest AO was an hour away in Florida. Not that dedicated while on vacation. There were some odd moments and comments by Hedgehog during the workout. Some included Judge Judy and Hedgehog and cameras and, well it got weird and some things I didn’t know how to respond to. It was great to see the Judge today. He was gone so long he is almost and FNG status. 

One Minute


Warmup 22 Ea IC Harry Rocketts, Tempo Squats, Imperial Walkers, 11 Ea LBACF, LBACR, Seal Claps, OHC, 22 SSH

Mosey to the Cross to use the Wall

  1. 22 steps up
  2. 22 incline merkins
  3. 22 steps ups
  4. 22 Decline merkins
  5. 22 step ups 
  6. 22 Tricep dips
  7. 22 steps ups
  8. 22 From Homer to Marge on Wall
  9. 22 Step ups
  10. 22 Elevated Tricep Dips
  11. 22 Step ups
  12. 22 One arm Push ups on wall, 11 Each Arm and leg on wall.
  13. 22 Step ups
  14. 22 2 CT Mountain Climbers
  15. 22 Steps ups

I think this was it. I didn’t fully plan this one out as I’m tired of making workout plans and writing three of these a week. 

Mosey to the rear of the Church to find 22 unsuspecting Parking Spots waiting for their moment of glory to shine. Well today is your day parking lot, today is your day. 

My original idea was a bear crawl but I was adding the time up in my head (Hedgehog was at it again) and switched it to a mosey cause I could see we would not finish this one. So 22 Suicide parking lot lines with a singe Burpee each time at the beginning. Everyone finished this one with 2 minutes left. This worked out perfect. Almost like I planned it that way. 

Easy walk back to AO




Announcements Jeter has meet his financial goal for Over the edge which benefits New Directions. Be on the look out for AOQ handoffs and leadership changes. 

Prayers Traveling and My mom.