276 Merkins per Bling

276 Merkins per Bling

Workout Date:





Bling, Valvano, Billboard (RESPECT), Dog Pound, Fergie, Bubbles, Snips, Hamburglar, Disconnect, Franklin, Headgear for QSource, OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

50’s and nice

Yesterday Soto asked me to Q since Lombardi was on the sheet but had just rucked the MB Marathon and needed another day to recover.  No doubt!  Brutal stuff.  So I figured, sure, I’ll help these #HIM.  Mostly for Lombardi.  But also to avoid #SotoChaos and #SotoWrath.

Getting back on track with my car pool buddy I told him I was Q’ing and he said “Great, 256 merkins”.  Yeah, I went and checked.  Sorry dudes.  It was 256.  not the 276 we did, but we are 20 better!!!  I figured a lot of upper body would be good for those that did the marathon, but didn’t want to neglect leg day too.

So, 1 minute warning was given, Disclaimer provided and work began

SSH x 20 IC
HR Merkins x 10 OYO
IW x 20 IC
HR Merkins x 10 OYO
TTT x 10 IC
HR Merkins x 10 OYO
Lunges x 10 IC
Merkins x 22 Single Count Cadence #22Kills

To the hill!
11’s with a twist
Diamond Merkins x 10; Lunge walk uphill; mosey downhill; Wide Arm Merkins x 1
Lunge walk back uphill; mosey downhill; Diamond Merkins x 9; Lunge walk uphill; mosey downhill; Wide Arm Merkins x 2
Etc Etc
LBC’s on the 6

Halfway up the hill….Plank position…head uphill
Merkins x 10 IC
25 LBC’s OYO to rest chest
Turn 90 degrees and Merkins x 10 IC
25 LBC’s OYO to rest chest
Turn 90 degrees (now facing downhill) and Merkins x 10 IC
25 LBC’s OYO to rest chest
Turn 90 degrees and Merkins x 10 IC
25 LBC’s OYO to rest chest

To the picnic tables!
Incline merkins x 15 IC
Dips with some perfect form x 25 OYO
Incline merkins x 2 IC as Valvano told me we only had 4 left!

I thought this was well explained. And then demonstrated. Still, many messed it up. My fault for …. well, I don’t know! It was easy to follow!
Step up right leg
Step up left leg
Box jump
1, 1, 1. Right? Explained. Then demonstrated.
2, 2, 2.  Up to 7, 7, 7!
Um, somewhere things got wacky, but anyway, everyone did em!  Eventually.

Bulgarian Split Squats – 10 each leg
Bubbles asked – is this supposed to hurt your knees?
My truthful response was, I don’t know, it hurts me everywhere!
Hop up on the tables…use roof (sorry Snips) or beam or whatever for balance and crank out some full ROM calf raises – 25 right leg, 25 left leg, 25 both legs. SMOKING!

Butts on the corner
Flutters x 20 IC
Hello Dolly x 25 IC
Protractor action – engage core

Race to the finish!


Count-O-Rama – 11, but wait, 12!  SOTO showed up for Q Source!
Prayer requests families, marriages, parenting.  Bubbles’ friend who lost bf and his brother
Prayers unspoken

– Sorry I misremembered the # of merkins.  But hey, who doesn’t love to do merkins!!??!
– Valvano is a human adding machine!  Thanks for keeping up with the reps!
– AWESOME work this am by everyone.  Really impressed with those guys who ran/rucked the marathon coming out and moving, nonetheless killing the workout!
– Billboard – check the weather app in the am to help decide what to wear!!!
– Welcome back to Snips!!!  #ColdWeatherHater
– AWESOME group of #HIM!!!

– Dragon Boat – check Slack and SIGN up!!
– Rugged Maniac in Charleston Saturday, March 21 – SIGN UP!
– Soto wants friends to go with him to Charlotte 1st weekend of April for a GR event and a Spartan race.


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