30/50/20/40 Fun @ The Village

30/50/20/40 Fun @ The Village

Workout Date:





FirstBase, Hojo, Tiny Dancer, Castaway

The Thang:

Conditions– High 70/Low 80s and humid. No rain, but lightning in the distance

Texas Ranger needed a PAX to cover the Q at the Village, and YHC stepped up to the opportunity. Plus, why not capitalize on the opportunity to earn some points for the AO challenge. I immediately reached out to my neighbor and fellow brother, Hojo, to let him know I was on and bringing the Catapult heat. I rolled up the AO to be welcomed by Castaway and Tiny Dancer. We all joked about the previous day’s weather event of pouring rain even there wasn’t a drop on the radar. We were hopeful that the same course of events wouldn’t unfold today.

Gave the one minute warning and circled-up to start the COP.

F3 mission was stated and disclaimer was given.


20- Harry Rockets IC

First Base- another member of the AO Catapult/Bombsquad team made his was to the COP

30-  SSHs IC

20- TTTs IC

We were graced by the run group

10- Windmills IC (YHC was obviously confused about the exercise he called when he said TTTs)

20 IWs- IC

15- Hillbillies

22- Merkins IC

15- LBACs IC

15- LBACs in Reverse IC

The Thang

I asked Castaway how the soccer fields get after a heavy rain- “Not too bad” Moseyed around entire AO. Our shoes just got soaked at the end of the mosey- nothing “too bad” for sure.  Directed PAX to pick up a cinder block coupon. I presented them with a clip board of exercises and called it 30-50-20-40 of FUN:

30 Curls

50 LBCs w/ block

20 Merkins on block

40 Squats w/ block

Bear Crawl (across parking) or 100 SSHs- PAX choice (Tiny Dancer was the only PAX to choose the SSHs)

30 Overhead Press

50  2ct FKs w/ block

20 Lunges w/ block

40 Tri-Exts

Run (around parking lot)

Round 2- Rinse and repeat list, but working from bottom up. This time all PAX other than Tiny Dancer did the SSHs

Return coupons


PAX Choice:

22- Merkins IC- YHC

15 Freddie Mercurys IC- YHC

15 Big Boys IC- Tiny Dancer

15 HTH- IC-  Hojo

15  Flutters IC- First Base- he practiced his cadence count for his big VQ debut at Catapult next Tuesday, 8/11

15 Penguins IC- Castaway




Announcements- AO challenge is under way, 2.0 workout this evening (on Tuesdays at WWP Clubhouse)

YHC prayed us out

As always, it was truly an honor to lead these HIMs, especially out of my comfortable zone AO. Thanks for having me!



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