43 Minutes of Something

43 Minutes of Something

Workout Date:





Hamburglar, Headgear, Brown Bag, ERC, Crankbait, Quaker

The Thang:

AO: The Village

Conditions: 43 degrees

We had an All-start cast this morning chomping at the bit to do some Rucking. “Ruckning”, you ask? Why were these PAX rucking? Let me tell you why. It all started a few days ago when YHC received a text from Castaway. As the Village AOQ, he reminded me that I was on Q for today. After this friendly reminder, Castaway asked whether I would be open to ‘running’ a Ruck Q. One might think that this was an odd request, however, it was music to YHC’s ears!

I was struggling with ideas for the Weinke and putting together a ruck workout would provide a spark and some focus. After a few minutes of contemplation (Could I? Should I?) I answered Castaway with a resounding “Yes”!!

Now YHC need to come up with a beatdown that would be worthy of the usual Ruckers (because they would surely be there) and it also needed to be worthy of the regular PAX who attend The Village. I’ve rucked in the past, I attended Ruck 101 led by OneCall, and I enjoy reading WaveRucker & Elevation Monday BackBlasts.

I had all the necessary ingredients & tools, now it was time to roughed out a couple ideas on an index card. I wrote out 2x as much as needed, then boiled it down over next day or two, made a visit to BombSquad’s Coupon Pile to pilfer some extra pain, and laid my head down the night before with a pleasant satisfaction that the VQ Ruck Workout I concocted would not only push each PAX out of his comfort zone but also pique their excitement for the upcoming GrowRuck.

Here’s what happened. . .

Everyone Rucked up, thanks to Headgear, who brought 4 or 5 extra rucks & weights. We circled up for the +2 minute warning (5:17), then YHC gave the proper VQ Ruck disclaimer . . .”This is my first time, I’m excited but scared, I’m not sure how its all going to work out, don’t get hurt, & finally . . . relax, let’s have some fun!!”

COP: 20 SSH with Rucks IC; 15 Ruck Squats; 15 Ruckwalkers; 10 Ruck Merkins; 15 Little Baby Arm Cicles IC; 15 LBAC in Reverse IC

1st we rucked towards the coupon pile, grabbed a 40lb sandbag as we passed Headgear’s truck, then grabbed a 1 man log and 2 cinder blocks. The PAX were instructed to pair up with each Team in charge of a different coupon. Hamburglar & Brown Bag had the 40lb Bag; ERC & Headgear lugged the cinder blocks; and Crankbait & I carried the log.

We headed out the Village Gate then turned left onto 62nd Ave until it intersected Frontage Rd. Once on Frontage Rd we moved south, parallel to Bypass 17. At the intersection we crossed Rt 17 and then circled up on the sidewalks on 62nd Avenue N.

10 Ruck Merkins


PAX #1 from each team would drop his Ruck and the coupon, PAX #2 had to move with his own ruck, his teammates ruck and the coupon the length of 2 lamp posts, while PAX #1 sprinted 4 lamp posts & back to his team mate. Flip Flop.

After PAX #1 & PAX #2 each had a turn carrying heavy stuff and sprinting, the teams would swap coupons and rinse and repeat; always moving west away from Bypass 17.

After rotating through each coupon, we turned around and headed east back towards Bypass 17. As we moved towards 17 we continued to Sprint & Carry in the same manner. At the Crosswalk we had a silent 10 count as we waited for the light to turn.

We rucked back the Village in pairs (ERC & YHC, Brown Bag & Hamburglar, Crankbait & Headgear). Once in the AO we returned the coupons to the coupon pile and the rucks to Headgear’s truck, then we circled up for 3 minutes of Mary.

Mary: Flutterkicks; etc.

6:00 – Time Called

Count-o-Rama= 6


Announcements: Freed to Bleed; Growruck; BBQ Fundraiser; Iron Pax Challenge 2021 (21 workouts in 28 days); P200

Prayers by YHC





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