More Pallets

More Pallets

Workout Date:





GrassPatch, Hoedown, Whittle, Etch a Sketch, Tag Team, Peach, Postal, Run Off Bluegrass(QIC)

The Thang:

3 PAX for pre run of varying distances.
1 Minute warning.
Disclaimer given
We started out a little different this morning and started with a special prayer for the officers and families of the officers involved in the horrible tragedy that happened yesterday in Florence.
Pledge of allegiance
30 SSHs IC
15 Imperial Walkers IC
10 Merkins IC
Mosey around the building and back to pick up a few rocks

The Thang:
Broke off into groups of two at first but then switched to threes to make it a little more fluid.
Relays-Pallet Push, Curls with Rock, Hold Al Gore, each PAX is doing something the whole time, no one is relaxing, when the pallet gets to you take it and everyone rotates.
Bluegrass Shuffle- This is a something I put together a while back and talked to Peach about and he debuted it at The Republic. Combo workout including lunges and burpees. One forward lunge, one right side lunge, one reverse lunge, one left side lunge, and then one burpee. Repeat but then do 2 burpees…. All the way to 6 burpees.
Relay-Pallet push, Al Gore, Shoulder presses
New exercise, it may exist but I don’t know the name of it, if it doesn’t exist it needs a name. PAX pair up and start in the wheel barrow position with pax one standing and holding the others legs, pax two has only hands on the ground. Pax two does one merkin then pax one does one squat, pax two then does two merkins and pax one does two squats…… all the way to six merkins and six squats. Flap jack
Relay-Pallet push, Al Gore, Shoulder presses
Bluegrass Shuffle
Relay-Pallet push, Al Gore, Shoulder presses
New Merkin and Squat routine mentioned above again.

At this time whittle was on the ground on his back looking like he may have some kind of heart failure going on. He loves pallets so much.

20 Flutter Kicks IC
10 Pretzel Crunches IC each leg
15 Hillbillies IC
15 Richard Simmons IC
Find a way to get out and help with clean up. Hoedown is coordinating. Get with him if you can.
Prayers for the officers in Florence and law enforcement and military in general.

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