Ascending What??

Ascending What??

Workout Date:





El-red-cardo, Crankbait, Beefsteak, Brown bag, Rocky top, Handy Manny, Texas Ranger (FNG)

The Thang:

1 minute warning followed by F3 disclaimer


SSH – WM – TTT – Temp Squat – Merkins – LBAC (forward and reverse) – overhead clap – overhead press

Warm-up sprints to follow with a full parking lot version of catch me if you can x2 with partner


Beat Down:

Lazy Dora with coupons

round 1 Derkins with partner holding plank – total reps 100

round 2 LBCs using coupon on chest with partner holding 6 inches – total reps 150

round 3 Goblet squats with partner holding squat position – total reps 200

Post Lazy Dora shoulders and back attack!

Sets of 10 transitioning from overhead press to bent over rows with coupons x 4 trials in cadence

Once the quads and shoulders were burnin we put the coupons down and circled up for a little Guantanomo for 2 rounds each

Beat Down round 2:

Ascending Testicles (harder than expected)

2 rounds of 10 merkins followed by 10 derkins with feet on wall at 45 deg followed by 10 hand stand shoulder press with feet on wall

Beat down finished with a long Indian round around the property and a round of abs to include flutter kicks; BBSU’s and hello dollies

New FNG welcomed to the crew brought by Handy Manny; New F3 named appropriately assigned as Texas Ranger (from Texas, go figure)

Finished with count-o-rama; names; no announcements given; prayed for the crew and we were out!


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