Monkee Beach

Monkee Beach

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Billboard, Weedeater, Jingles (RESPECT), Flash, Turn & Cough, Boom Boom, Varsity, OneCall, Bubbles, Head Gear, Hamburglar

The Thang:

Conditions: 30-31 degrees = Beach Weather

VQ: Ah, my first time… just like my last first time it ended with words of encouragement by the other 10 men involved.

YHC arrived early to the AO to set up Monkee Beach. The Pax started to roll in around 5:20am & we greeting by sounds of The Beach Boys.  Shout out to Jingles, OneCall & Turn for altering their schedules to support YHC.

1 minute warning (kinda)



25x SSH IC

22x Merkins OYO

15x IW IC

22x Merkins OYO

20x Arm Circles (F), (R)

20x Overhead Press

20x Tempo Squat

Indian Run to Monkee Beach

This beatdown was heavily influenced by Quaker’s Muscle Beach. YHC  decided to bring out the kettlebells & even the club bell for this one.

The Beach Boys continued to play as the Pax entered Monkee Beach. We paired up & due to odd numbers YHC was left solo until Head Gear& Jingles took me in.

The Thang: 

Monkee beach was set up into 8 stations of awesomeness. Partner 1 completes their choice of 1 of the 2 exercises posted in the station AMRAP, while Partner 2 runs the perimeter of the parking lot. Once both partners have completed the exercise they plank & wait on the 6. Recover and move to the station on their left.

Station 1

Blockees or Alternating Push-ups

Station 2

Jump Squats or Rocky Balboa

Station 3

Single Arm #25 KB swings or Single Arm Press

Station 4

#45 KB Curls or Triceps extensions

Station 5

Big Boys or Freddie Mercury

Station 6

#70 KB Shrugs or Deadlifts

Station 7

#35KB Double Arm Swing or Goblet Squat

Station 8

27.5# Club Bell He-Mans or Super Marios

YHC to bring all the iron toys out the garage & share them with the Pax on their trip to Monkee Beach. This beatdown was not meant to be easy but the HIM crushed it.

Bubbles- showed that he was coolest guy in Horry County because he still hasn’t worn pants this year.

Varsity-was a sight for sore eyes & continued his streak of workout dominance.

Flash-did what Flash does & ran past the Pax while maintaining a glorious head of hair.

Jingles-was battling a heal injury & nobody noticed but him. The guy doesn’t slow down RESPECT.

Billboard-Tore through Monkee Beach much like I’m sure he ravaged South Padre in late 80’s.

Turn & Cough-Showed up & didnt miss a beat. I think he may be trying to find a club bell to buy.

OneCall-Smashed this workout & help YHC overcome his California public school education & espoused his mastery of the 3 count.

Weedeater-Is always a beast & makes me wonder what could’ve been if I was born with superior genetics.

Boom Boom-Is back at it & showed true grit today.

Head Gear-Owned this workout from open to close & set the standard with his perfect form.

After the PAX made it through 1.5 times we moseyed back to the parking lot as The Monkees played in the distance.



-Name O’rama



It is truly an honor to be part of such an inspiring group of men. Thank you.


The iron never lies – Henry Rollins








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