The 1st 6 hour workout in F3 history!

The 1st 6 hour workout in F3 history!

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One- Call, Lombardi, Valvano, Headgear, Bling

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Best day of the week- best workout of the week- Best push of the week.  No questions asked.

Mumblechatter was out since Monday, Star Course participants 99% recovered (at least mentally), time to get back at it boys.  No one on the Q, not a problem with the Dudes we have, so I’ll grab it and go…, here we go….

Asked the boys to bring a sandbag and water and 2 flags- forecast called for “soupy” conditions.  Grabbed my cohort at 0405, made our way to Warthog.  Headgear and Lombardi already there, Valvano pulled in hot behind us (in his car).  5 total?  waited a few minutes to make sure there weren’t any late stragglers….Boxcar…Weedeater…Jingles…Ralph Lauren??  Oh well, we move on at 0431

5 PAX, 5 sandbags, 5 rucks, 2 flags- All brought to the track for instructions.  “6 Lap Start”

#1- warm-up ruck

#2- mosey the straightaways, walk the curves

#3- sandbags

#4- overhead press ruck on straightaways, farmer carry curves

#5- repeat #2

#6- repeat #1

2 minute rest as we were all sweating….moved flags 75 yards apart

Had a modified Jerome Gonzales workout planned- but with 5 total, we had to modify more on the fly!  so, here is what we did:

ruck off- carry sandbag to the other flag (75 yards)- drop sandbag, 5 burpees, sprint back to flag.  grab ruck, overhead press to flag, 5 burpees, grab both ruck and sandbag- mosey back to start.  Round 1 complete.

Round 2- same process, but 15 merkins

Round 3- same process, but 20 squats.  heavy breathing, sweaty shirts (and my pants), some laying down.  drink, take 2 minutes.  Valvano gave me the time check “its 0516” !!! what?  we did all of that in 45 minutes…..and still had 45 to go!

everyone grab a sandbag- we ruck to the top of the parking deck.  Stairs up to top.  This was brutal reaching the top.  2 minute break to recover, switch bags with each other (weights ranged from 40-60) and make our way back to the bottom.  Drop rucks and bags in stairwell (which was cooler than usual!!).  set of stairs up to top- 5 burpees, 10 merkins, 15 squats, 20 flutters (4 count), back down to the bottom.

Time check……..0530…..what??  is time moving backwards, or is Valvano messing with all of us.  “we’ve been working out for 6 hours”

ok- more time, more sweat.  grab the bags- back to the AO & flags.  PAX choice- either 1/4 mile mosey or 4 75 yard sprints.  In typical “Waverucker attitude”, OC states, “Why not do both?”  so…..  we jog 1 lap on track, then do 4 75yard sprints…..with 2 more added by me at the end.  TIME

solid push by each PAX, love the extra effort as usual.

prayers for Valvano’s brother/family, praise for OC and his salvation 5 years ago today!  Love hearing stories like this.



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