7 of Diamonds

7 of Diamonds

Workout Date:



Kiwi (2XR)


Pikachu, Candy Cane, Rubber, Sunshine, First Base, Cyclone, Jedah, Castaway (AOQ), Humpback

The Thang:

Three started with a pre-run (CC, FB, YHC) 1.75 – 3 miles good warm up that I would pay for later.  Sleep had been elusive the night before as sometimes it is for me with the excitement of a Q especially a first Q at this AO.  All part of leading and growing and no one should be scared to take it on no matter your age (young or old)

Weather was milder than its been or going to be at a balmy 45

Started off with disclaimer followed by mission of F3


TTT X 20

Harry Rockettes X 20

IW X 20


Overhead claps X 20

SSH X 20

The seven of diamonds consists of four cones in a diamond shape – these were approximately 30 yards apart.  The workout is done at each of the four stations starting with:

  • 7 burpees X 4
  • 14 4 count flutters X 4(stations)
  • 21 Merkins X 4
  • 28 squats X 4

Then we did two sets of stairs single steps

  • 21 LBCs X4
  • 14 – 4 count should taps X 4
  • 7  – I don’t remember X 4

Then another round of 2 sets of stairs

Then Round Robin of Mary from everyone:

Including crunchy frogs, round the circle lunges, pelvic thrusters, dead Cockaroaches, flutters, hello dollies, heals to heaven, big boys, and hands to opposite foot (can’t remember name but need to get this BB out)

Count o Rama – 10

Name – o – Rama

Announcements – Freed to Bleed, Lazer Tag/coast pizza ( Saturday),

Prayers for mother, grandfather, silent

First of three Qs for Kiwi over the next week and apologies for taking a few days – great turn out of HIM and honor to lead. Great to see all these men including Rubber, Sunshine and Cyclone.  I appreciate the support for the PLANK and yours truly.  Rousey was not a part of this group and tried to highjack my BB but was only successful in publishing some piece of garbage – I mean come on he’s a Fed – not smart enough ( not this time anyway 🙂


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