First Timer

First Timer

Workout Date:





O’Douls, Kiwi (Respect), Pikachu, Skimmer (Respect), Single Barrel, Rousey (AOQ), Headgear (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: Catapult

Conditions: Clear, 66 degrees, Nice and cool.


YHC took this Q after Rousey, the AOQ, slyly strong armed him after taking a Q at the #mothership #Warthog and YHC jumped at the opportunity to Q at #Catapult as posting here has been on the agenda since it opened.  Rules were laid out,  “Headgear, NO BURPEES and NO RUNNING…As a matter of fact, take the weinke you are working on and throw it away”.  #truestory   Okay, got it.  YHC and Rousey were running the Spartan Asheville Super the weekend prior so a good light recovery workout would be a good idea anyway.  Scouring through backblasts, YHC found that this is no light workout AO…what is #TheBeast (apparently something Texas Ranger introduced the week prior)…sounds intense.  Also learned the preferred core excercise for each PAX: Pikachu (Flutter Kicks), O’Doul’s (Freddie Mercuries), Kiwi (American Hammers), Single Barrell (Heels to Heaven).  This is no group, these #HIM are crushing it…Let’s roll!


1 Minute Warning



SSH x25 IC

IW x25 IC

HK x25 IC

Squats x 25 IC

HB x 25 IC

LBAC -F x 25 IC

LBAC -R x25 IC

CP x25 IC

OHC x 25 IC

AP x 25 IC

Merkins x 22

Mosey – Around parking lot, by the concession stand to the large fields

Modified Dora

Partner up

Two cones set up on the field

Merkins x 50

BBSUs x 100

AHs x 150

FKs x 200

Mosey to the flag

Interval Timer: 3.5 Rounds

1 Min Jumprope

10 Count

1 Min LBCs

10 Count

30 Sec Hold 6 Inches

Times Up


Count-O-Rama: 7 PAX


Announcements – 2nd F at the Distillery on 7/31.   2.0 Workout Tuesday evening.

Prayer Requests – Spoken/Unspoken


This is an awesome AO with a great group of #HIM.  YHC had a great time Q’ing and it is always an honor to lead the #HIM of F3 Grand Strand.  As a side note, Rousey called out YHC for some missed burpees at the weekend Spartan Race so they were more than accounted for during the DORA time…back story is that YHC realized time was moving faster than he was at the Spartan and after checking with a fellow racer, realized that he might not make it back for his 2.0, SEAL Break’s, race, so some burpees were skipped and YHC ran up the the Kids race as SEAL Break was at the starting line ready to go.  YHC estimated about 70 missed burpees which nearly 100 were made up today.  YHC has been kept up at night thinking about skipping those burpees….



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