Namaste w/ a side of Iron

Namaste w/ a side of Iron

Workout Date:



Rook (VQ)/Headgear


Ralph Lauren (DR- Shelby), OneCall, Hamburglar, Quickie (DR - PowderKeg), HotRod (2.0 DR), Karma, Rook(QIC), Headgear (QIC), Spinal Tap

The Thang:

AO: Warthog

Conditions: Clear 48 degrees

The mission of F3 is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.  The men of F3 are paving a road 43 feet ahead of them so when Rook quickly agreed to Q for the PAX during coffeteria after his first post, YHC was excited for him.  The thing is, Rook has a particular set of skills that are an asset to the PAX that push their bodies to the limit every day….and are also getting older.  The PAX of F3 GrandStrand, run, ruck, lift heavy stuff, ride, burpee, squat, jailbreak, and Merkin on a daily basis. For most of the PAX, stretching or yoga is not part of their daily, weekly or monthly routine.  For Rook, yoga has been something he has been doing for a long time even though he is only 21.  Rook is also a club wrestler at Clemson and has headed up his share of workouts so leading the PAX would be no problem and YHC offered to co-Q so he could focus on the yoga beatdown while YHC came up with a short traditional beatdown for the PAX.

The stage was set, Rook and YHC coordinated the workout plan.  YHC planted some newly acquired iron at the top of the parking deck and met Rook and the PAX at the normal meeting spot at 0656.

1 Minute Warning


SSH x25

Quickie (DR – F3 PowderKeg) and HotRod (2.0) rolled in so the PAX waited to mosey out to the garage.

As the PAX, got to the top of the garage, YHC wondered if they would be surprised to see the weights, considering this was billed as a yoga day.  YHC could only imagine the look on Hamburglar and One Call’s faces when they saw the set up…like coming down the stairs on Christmas Day.  Ralph Lauren acknowledged the surprise with a chuckle.

YHC led this part of the beatdown as a weight circuit for 12 minutes:

AMRAP (40 sec rounds)

Plate Press w/ 45lb plate

Jump Rope

Upright Row with curl bar

Jump Rope

Front/Side Raise with dumbbells

Dumbell Curls with 1980’s weight set up

Tricep Extensions with 25 lb grip plate

Kettle Bell Swings

Jump Rope

Kettle Bell Clean and Thrust

Bent over rows with the bar and 25lb plates

After 12 minutes of this, the Q was handed over to Rook

Rook led the PAX for about a 40 minute yoga session on top of the parking deck.  YHC isn’t sure what to call it exactly but it was a flow vinyasa type session where the PAX was constantly moving and being put into some positions we have never been in before.  Rook started with a description of some of the poses such as downward dog, upward dog and continued on through the session.  The feedback from the PAX was positive with Quickie stating this needs to be a regular part of his routine.  YHC concurs with that!  Time was running short so Rook wrapped it up and handed the Q back over.

Mosey back to the shovel flag and call it a day!



The yoga workout was a much needed addition to the normal routine of the pax.  Some might shy away thinking that yoga is not a beatdown…but those that missed this one will not understand that this was a very challenging workout that not only burned calories but made us better at everything else.  Not long ago, YHC was one of those people…but then noticed some highly respected D1 college wrestling coaches adding it to their routines and a former wrestling teammate and MMA Bellator fighter posting about his yoga sessions on social media.  YHC also heard Joe Rogan, UFC commentator, call yoga, “Martial Arts against yourself” and then heard Navy SEALS, Mark Divine, David Goggins and others talking about how challenging it is and how it has helped them in their lines of work.  So YHC stopped in to a few sessions and quickly became a fan. Having Rook work us through this well thought out session was great and speaking for the PAX that were there, we hope to have him back on the Q sheet soon!



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