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Brown Bag, Bubbles, Disconnect, Turn&Cough, Wolverine, Backdraft

The Thang:

Worthog is where I started and continue to get better every time I post there. It’s a privilege to workout with this elite group of men and I’m humbled to be the Q this morning.

We started with ten Burpies in lieu of SSH’s. It’s kind of my thing now.. Why bother with SSH when you have the option to Burpie..They’re just better..Anyway we did that and some tempo merkins and squats but not before I hit them with my power set of lil baby arm circles, overhead claps, backward lil baby’s, and some air press’s…In cadence, 30, four count of each..Their faces winced and there were audible moans..I saw anger in Wolverines eyes as he aggressively asked me “did this look good on paper” Yes it did but not as good as their faces as I kept with the cadence..Then I slammed them back down for 5 more burpies.

We moseyed to the bridge and took that hard left. In the tradition of our much older brother, Jingles I elected to tourĀ  the lake this morning. We stopped at that far left corner at Forbus Ct and Farrow Parkway. Did some HR Merkins, Flutters and LBC’s, moseyed down the the light and did some Diamond Merks, Big Boys and 10 more Burpies. We took it from there to the nearest bridge where we stopped to do Deep squats and more LBC’s. We bear crawled up the bridge, did 5 burpieses and bear crawled down. Peter Parkers and more burpies awaited at the other side.

We moseyed from there to the quad where we hit each corner doing, merkins, squats, diamond merks, and jump squats respectively. We bear crawled that last leg back to the start leaving us just enough time to mosey back to the parking lot for the COT.

That’s how it went down. If this VBB isn’t up to snuff it’s because I just glanced down and noticed that it’s nearly noon and I’ve done way more F3 than appraising today. It’s been fun guys! SYIG!


God Bless,


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