Friday Hulky Gears

Friday Hulky Gears

Workout Date:





Skimmer(Co-Q), Spork(Co-Q), Backdraft, Franklin

The Thang:

AO: Hulky Gears (a subsidiary of Salty Gears)
Conditions: 77 Degrees Humidity around 91%.
Start Time: 5:30

So YHC went on the 73+ mile Creeper Trail trip a few weeks ago but aside from that, posting to Salty Gears/Hulky Gears has been a bit of a challenge due to scheduling.  Salty Gears rides on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Saturday’s, which coincides with the BombSquad schedule.  Obviously being AOQ at BS I try to post as much as possible but I miss my gears group as we have a good group of guys that I’ve had the privilege of riding with!  If you haven’t rode with us before I really recommend at least giving it a try.  It is a different type of workout from a bootcamp in that you really get to talk a lot and get some good fellowship in while you’re on the go.  So let me briefly introduce the Pax on this particular ride:
Skimmer- Pretty much the local biking expert.
Backdraft- A dude that loves dirt biking and is our resident dare devil.
Franklin- He’s a banker so of course we talk those kinds of things but is overall just a good guy to get to know.
YHC- Newer to biking, just the last year or so but likes off-road and road biking and is usually up for either.
Just wanted to casually introduce my partners in crime but come post and you’ll get to know us all better.

The Ride:
(16.6 Miles by my GPS b/c forgot to turn it on at the beginning but Skimmer had 17.5 miles I believe).  Going to post this Strava link if you want to see the whole layout, each turn we made etc., hope the link works.

Note:  We always stop somewhere mid-way through the ride for a quick breather and awesome beach pic and today we stopped at the boardwalk by Grand Dunes ocean club.

Really we don’t do a full on Count Off and Name O‘ Rama but probably should.


Honor To Lead!!



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