Why are we staging near the ER?

Why are we staging near the ER?

Workout Date:





Karma, DollyWood(R), BradyBunch, Weedeater, GreaseMonkey, Pearl, BobTheBuilder, CoveredDish, Shrapnel (Rx3), Blacktop(R), Flossy, Esau, Voltron(R, DR-Lexington), Limehouse, PapaSmurf(Rx3), SpinalTap, LazyBoy, Headgear(QIC)

The Thang:

AO: Blackbeard

Conditions: 79 degrees, 89% Humidity, Clear

YHC has been meaning to get on the Blackbeard Q sheet for a couple of months but to do so, one must get on the Q sheet early since the next month is typically filled by the middle of the month prior.  So when YHC got on the Q sheet, gotta say it was pretty exciting…then Hurricane Isaias ruined those plans.  Luckily another spot opened up and YHC jumped on it.  Blackbeard is a great AO with a great group of HIM, including triple respect PAX, PapaSmurf and Shrapnel.  YHC was looking forward to this!

YHC picked up recent FNG #BradyBunch on the way.  #BB started posting Saturday and this is already his 4th workout and 3rd AO.  He still hasn’t read the welcome email and is learning about what Slack is but we’ll get him there.  He’s all in for the 1st F! As we roll into the AO, we see Shrapnel and Voltron.  Voltron is a DR regular from Lexington who posted to Warthog once when YHC was on Q so he had an idea what he was in for.  Shrapnel asked YHC to take it easy on them.  Hmmmm.   Hope I haven’t developed a bad reputation!  Anyway, other PAX started rolling in.


1 Minute Warning



SSH IC x20

IW IC x20

Windmills IC x20

TTT IC x20

Stretch – R – M – L

Merkins x22 OYO



OHP IC x20

Mosey to the hospital parking lot.  Voltron asked if there was a reason the PAX were staging near the hospital.  As YHC fumbled through trying to find a good spot, Weedeater stepped in to help navigate.

4 corners –

Round 1 – Mosey -25 Merkins – BearCrawl – 25 Squats – Mosey – 25 BBSUs – BearCrawl – 25 2Count FlutterKicks – Plank on 6

Round 2 – Mosey – 25 HandRelease Merkins – BearCrawl – 25 ReverseLunges – Mosey – 25 BBSUs – BearCrawl – 25 LBCs – Plank on 6

Round 3 – Mosey – 25 WideArm Merkins – BearCrawl – 25 Squats – Mosey – 25 BBSUs – BearCrawl – 25 2Count FlutterKicks – Plank on 6

Hold plank while PAX name the 5 core principles of F3.

Continue to hold plank while PAX recite the mission of F3 – Thanks to Weedeater and Karma for stepping in with this one.

Recover and Mosey to the other end of the parking lot where YHC had planned on some jailbreaks but time was running short so 22 Merkins will have to do.

Mosey to the basketball courts and circle up.

Merkins x22

Broga Session – to include planks, warrior poses, Charlie’sAngels, etc.

PAX Choice:

Shrapnel – do not remember what these were called but 20 reps of front lunge/Reverse lunge combo

Voltron – 10 reps of flutter kicks in honor of #Cheats.  Normally he does 38 but Karma was already calling out Shrapnel for doing more than 10 reps.

Esau – 10 crunchy frogs


Count-O-Rama – 17….then PapaSmurf made it in from his run in time for Name-O-Rama


Announcements –

1. Get on Slack.

2. AO Challenge – not sure how to really score it but you get points for posting at your home AO and other AOs…and you are teamed up with #TimeShare.

3. 2.0 Workouts – Tuesday Evening 6PM – Waterway Palms off of River Oaks Dr

4. FreedToBleed: Friday, Oct 30 Carolina Forest Rec Center 12:00-6:00

5. IronPAX Challenge – details on Slack and Twitter

6. GrowRuck

7. Get on Slack/Twitter.  The region wants to hear about the great things going on at Blackbeard!

8. TheOyster AO is now open – Surfside Beach, Bill Martin Park, M/W 0700-0745

9. Virtual AO, the SafeHouse is open – Wed 0530 – details on Slack.

Praise reports – PapaSmurf in Remission!!!!!!!

Prayer Requests – spoken and unspoken – Spinal Tap prayed us out.

MoleSkin –

Great AO.  Great group of PAX. Lots of familiar faces but also lots of new faces and names for YHC.  This group is consistently throwing up numbers.  Today was a lot of fun and YHC will be back on the Q sheet if Cheesy lets me!  Thank you for posting.  It’s always an honor to lead!

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