Cone Station’s Galore

Cone Station’s Galore

Workout Date:





Sade’, Beefsteak, El Red Cardo(ERC), Skidmark, Quaker(Respect),Spork(QIC)

The Thang:

AO: BombSquad
Conditions: 73 Degrees, 96%Humidity 
Start Time: 6:00 

Several leg and arm stretches (YHC)
20 SSH IC (Quaker)
20 Skiers IC (Skidmark)
15 Don Quixote’s IC (ERC)- An ERC made up exercise named for the children’s book about a donkey.  It is a windmill followed immediately by a side straddle hop which equals 1 rep.  May end up submitting this for entry into the F3 Exicon, Lol!
15 Tempo Merkins IC (Beefsteak)
15 IW’s IC (Sade’)

Mosey to bleachers

Warm Up:
30 Step-Ups (OYO)
30 Dips (OYO)
Mosey to picnic benches
30 Step-Ups (OYO)
30 Dips (OYO)

Mosey the long way around church and to the big parking lot, stop at the cones

Main Event:
The format for the main event was that there were 8 cone stations.  At each cone station there was a sheet of paper with the name of an exercise on it.  As we moved to each cone as a group, each individual Pax had the option to do the exercise (while other Pax ran a lap) or run a lap.  The backside of the paper had another 8 exercises for round #2.  This made for an interesting dynamic because different groups of Pax ended up running the lap each time depending on whether they would rather do the exercise.  The wild card was if no Pax choose to run the lap YHC would have to run the lap solo because the exercise at the cone was being performed for the duration of the lap.

Cone#1: Side Straddle Hop
Cone#2: Plank Jacks
Cone#3: Flutter Kicks
Cone#4: Burpee’s
Cone#5: Heels to Heaven
Cone#6: Wide Arm Merkins
Cone#7: Hello Dolly
Cone#8: Floyd Mayweather’s

Cone#1: Diamond Merkins
Cone#2: Jump Squats
Cone#3: Mountain Climbers
Cone#4: Smurf Jacks
Cone#5: Carolina Dry Docks
Cone#6: American Hammers
Cone#7: Shoulder Taps
Cone#8: Alternating Step Forward Lunges

Mosey to bleachers

30 Step-Ups (OYO)
30 Dips (OYO)
15 Don Quixote’s and 15 jump squats (OYO)

One more big lap around the church and the big parking lot and finish up at the flag.

Note: 2.6 miles run during the beatdown


->AO Challenge is on for the rest of the month so get out there and post!
->Check Twitter/Slack for Blood Drive Schedule.
->Iron Pax starting up in September with BombSquad Iron Pax on Monday’s, Catapult and The Village Iron Pax on Tuesday’s so no reason not to sign up and post somewhere!
Prayer requests:
->Beefsteak and his M will be homeschooling their 2.0’s this year.
->Rubber’s dad is in the hospital and is on a ventilator so many prayers needed for his recovery and for the family.


– 4 Pax for Coffeteria at the Early Riser afterwards which has become a Pax favorite on Saturday’s due to the good food and fellowship!!

Honor to Lead!!

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