Who wants donuts?

Who wants donuts?

Workout Date:





Backdraft, BradyBunch, Castaway, RedCoat, TinyDancer, Headgear (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: TheVillage

Conditions: 74 degrees, 95% Humidity…normal

EliteFridays are over and PAX are starting to get ready for the Myrtle Beach Mini-Marathon in October so many PAX are posting Hulkamania on Fridays now.  YHC thought numbers may be low so the decision was made to be sure this was at least a semi-elite Friday workout and put the warning out to PAX that they should not go to TheVillage.  Of course this warning did not go out to #Twitterless BradyBunch and he and YHC were clown car-ing up to TheVillage together…should I tell him…nah.   Anyway, BradyBunch and I roll in at 0510 and roaring in behind us is another truck.  No way that’s Village PAX, they roll in right on time.  Of course, it wasn’t.  It was Backdraft looking for some relief for his foot and not wanting to run with the Hulkamaniacs today.  YHC checks his weinke…hmmm.  0525, other pax start rolling in to include Castaway and TinyDancer.  Red Coat rolls in just after the disclaimer.

1 minute warning



SSH x25 IC

IW x15 IC

Merkins x22 OYO

TTT x20 IC

Windmills x15 IC


The Thang:

Mosey out of the lot down 65th Ave past the couch…there always seems to be a roadside couch around this spot and it is about the spot So we’ll use it for the turnaround . Back to the parking lot.   YHC decided to move his truck to keep the gate open and somewhere in the mix TinyDancer started pushing for a donut run!  No time for that…let’s continue!

4 corners

10 burpees

15 squat jumps

20 Merkins


Run down and back on 65th and head back to the playground.

Pull ups – find a spot and AMRAP then hang.

Then to the wall.  Partner up.

One PAX on wall sits and the other in low plank and hold it.  Just over a minute or so each.

Back down and back on 65th then back to the coupon pile for a paver.  Somewhere around here, PAX started to have flashbacks to a recent Weasel beatdown and declared they would never move with the pavers again.   Hmmm….

4 corners w/ paver:

10 thrusters – overhead hold walk – 15 curls – lunge – 20 tricep extensions – high knees with overhead hold – 25 thrusters – overhead hold back.

10 thrusters/10 merkins run/jailbreak down the lot and back (no paver)

15 thrusters/15 merkins run/jailbreak down the lot and back (no paver)

15 thrusters/15 merkins/15 BBSUs run/jailbreak down the lot and back (no paver)

10 thrusters/10 merkins run/jailbreak down the lot and back (no paver)

10 thrusters/10 merkins run/jailbreak down the lot and back (no paver)


Announcements:  2.0 Workouts, Tuesday 6PM.  FreedToBleed Oct 30 12PM-6PM CF Rec Center, Disconnect’s going away get send off at Tidal Creek Brew House Friday Aug 28 6PM, M and 2.0 friendly.  GrowRuck coming To SC Spring 2021.

Prayers – spoken and unspoken


6 PAX on a Friday at TheVillage during marathon training season!  I’ll take it!  BradyBunch is posting everywhere…at least 5 AOs in his first 2 weeks!  Great to see, #kotter, RedCoat make his way out as well.  TinyDancer and Castaway are Village regulars and are a fit crew so YHC felt he had to push them a little more as the beatdown went on!  Nice to see sleepless Backdraft out as he recovers from his Disney trip and hope the running wasn’t too much for his foot.  Great work!  This was a fun beatdown even though YHC always forgets the music when Q’ing here.  I love to see the Hulkamaniacs randomly running through the AO…always with Hamburglar far ahead.  Glad these Village PAX did not head my warning, otherwise BradyBunch and I may have gone on that donut run instead!    Thanks for having me!  Always an honor to lead these HIM!

-Headgear out!!!



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