99 Problems – No Flash Ain’t One

99 Problems – No Flash Ain’t One

Workout Date:





Manziel, Baggage, Snipe, Spinal Tap, Penelope

The Thang:

Flash had some other things to attend to this morning, he asked me to lead the Q – sure thing. I’m not known for the most organized Q or the toughest, or having a full Q to do. Folks are showing up expecting a Flash beatdown, full exhaustion, miles of running – the disappointment on their faces when I give the disclaimer will be hard to hide. Flash did send me a message not to take it easy so I think I came up with something good.

problem number one – my watch is 5 minutes slow (why not I am slow too). Everyone lets me know I am starting late so O give the disclaimer, and we start. I started on time for Penelope who showed up on Fergie time.

20 Imperial Walkers

20 SSH

10 Merkins OYO


20 Tempo Squats

3 Burpies (just checking to make sure everyone was ready)

1 lap around the track not too fast not too slow

We pick up the Blocks I have out and saunter over to the nice parking lot with the mulch.

Block number 1 – Curls

Block Number 2 – Blockies

No Block for the third spot that is just squats

Block Number 3 – Tricept Presses

Block Number 4 – Overhead Press

The sixth person runs a lap around the parking lot and we rotate around from there.

This gets done two times and we do a round of Mary

Flutter kicks (sorry Snips), Ray Charles, Elbows to Knees, Box Cutters (sorry Snips but Manziel took that one), Floyd Mayweathers (Snips go that one), Freddie Mercuries

Time for one more round

Block number 1 – Dips

No Block – Rocky Balboas

No Block for the third spot that is just squats

No Block – Merkins

Block Number 2 – Rows


I hope it lived up to the hype of a Flash work out – thank you for the opportunity to lead.

I’ll see you out there next time.

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