A buffet!

A buffet!

Workout Date:





Headgear, Hamburglar, Jingles, Franklin, Bubbles, Fergie

The Thang:

AO / Warthog, clear 45*- 46* Medium Humidity.

4:45 am 4 for Pre run, Franklin, Disconnect, Hamburglar, Headgear.

Da Thang!

Arrived back at A.O. With 7 mins to spare, grab a drink of water and stretch out for the Q. Chatting with Fergie, about Qing at Warthog, and how easy, or difficult it can be.
For sure one of the best place, to test your metal as a leader. The Redwood Originals will catch every little off set in you, keep you on track and test your ability to lead. Trust me, my B-Day Q proved that.

One min Warning and Jingles and Bubbles are Still warming there Butts in the car. Headgear, Franklin, and The Hamburglar are running in at 5:15.

Start 2 mins over because goals……


SSH 25

Imperial walkers 25

22 Merkins OYO

TtT 15

LbAC 20 forward

Over Head Press 20

LbAC 20 reverse

did a few stretches arms, legs, box breathing,

and dished our 5 Burpees.

Feeling warm?

Mosy over to the playground

2 rounds

10 pull-ups

15 squats

20 merkins

30 funky Buddha/ Hatching Butterfly sit up.

some discrepancies on what to call this, and MumbleChatter on how much I like these and my Internet Browser History…. I plead the 5th.

move over to the bridge

20 squats

toy solider to the middle

10 diamond merkins

lunge walk to the other side

5 burpees

I had a plan and a back up plan, Forecast called for rain  by 5:30-6 but was taken out of the forecast.
I had a 4 corners beat down, but hear lately I have been loving running up the parking Garage. So let’s go there.

It’s is funny when you are not Q-ing how long a beatdown takes. when you plan one out, you fell like it goes by super fast.

Inside the Parking deck, Partner up, I decided to the be Odd duck and work by myself.
first round, ( I had 2 but we ran out of time)

Pattern work out

one runs to second deck and comes down stairs

100 Hand release Merkins

200 Sumo

300 LBC

I cut mine in half in all, since I was working alone.
time flys when you are having fun, lots of sweat and heavy breathing, at least in my part.

5:55 Mosy back to flag,

count off 6 and 7 on Q

Name-O- Rama


convergence Saturday morning starting at 6 AM weedeater on Q promises of Drones, and tears and beatdown, sore Muscles and all that comes with it.


Varsity’s Surgery advised other packs give him a call to break the monotony setting a bed,

Pappa Smurf, Flooding in Socastee, those we haven’t seen in a while.
update on my AirForce paperwork, and trying to get under 180 pounds.
prayed out.
My you chisel your victories in stone and Write your worries in sand.


it sucks when you work out alone, we are here to hold each other accountable to get our bodies, minds and spirts right.  Do not get me wrong your body needs rest, just because it’s wet or cold, or whatever excuses you have, think a kilt that brother that Could use help meeting his goal, needs the mumble chatter to make him laugh. Just to blow off some steam, As Iron Sharpens Iron, so does one man sharpen another. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for the men around me.
Go out today and kill it.

Honor to lead




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