A day that will live in infamy

A day that will live in infamy

Workout Date:





Sunshine, Cyclone, CandyCane, Castaway, HotTub(R), Rubber, Shaft, Headgear(QIC)

The Thang:

AO: The Plank

Conditions: 61 degrees and awesome.


7 Dec 1941 is a “Date that which will live in infamy, “ as stated by President Franklin D. Roosevelt during a speech a day later.  At 0800 Sunday morning, 7 Dec 1941, the Japanese attacked the United States at the naval base at Pearl Harbor. 2403 US Citizens lost their lives in the attack and another 1178 were injured. Included in the death tolls were 68 civilians.  About 20 US ships were lost including the USS Arizona where 1177 crew were killed.  This attack brought the United States into WWII.  Canada announced war against Japan within hours of the attack while the United States declared war the following day.  YHC has been Q’ing some Christmas Workouts across the AOs recently but today being the 80th Anniversary of the attacks on Pearl Harbor, YHC recycled an old weinke and modified it for today.  


2 Minute Warning




1 Lap – slow mosey


SSH x 15IC

ImperialWalkers x15 IC

Merkins x22 OYO

TTT x15 IC

Windmills x10 IC

Squats x15 OYO

HillBillies x15 IC

Shoulder mobility rotations

Burpees x10 OYO

1 Lap


The Thang

7 – 12 – 19 -41   x5 sets – Run 1 Lap between sets


7 Dive Bombers

12 Burpees

19 Merkins

41 Squats


Burpees x10 (For a total of 80 burpees for the day to commemorate the 80th Anniversary)


4-Count FlutterKicks x31 (Remembering my Q 2 years ago, 31 years ago today, resident stud, Lombardi, reported for duty to the US Air Force at Lackland AFB.)


PAX Choice – 

Sunshine – WWII Sit-ups x15

CandyCane – Dying Cockroaches x10 IC

Cyclone – American Hammers x10 IC

Castaway – Heals to Heaven x15 IC

Time called! (Sorry HotTub!)



Announcements – Q sheet is open for Thursday at The Plank…and several other AOs!  Help us fill out December!  Football this Friday at ThePlank.  Christmas Party this Saturday – Get your HC in now!  Ugly Christmas Sweater Convergence next Saturday, December 18th in Conway at the Nuthouse (Water Tower), 0700.  Coffeeteria from The Trestle Bakery to follow!  Fostering Hope Bike drive is still going on, contact Vitamin D if you want to participate.

Prayers – Rubber’s 2.0 Algebra test today.  Sunshine’s 2.0, PSAT Test.  For all our families and 2.0s.  For the many parents of the PAX who are experiencing health obstacles – prayers for healing and health.


Great work today! Great push by all!  Thank you for posting and paying tribute to those who fought and lost their lives 80 years ago today.  Never Forget!

-Headgear out!

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