A Kick in the D!ck, The Return on the Killer 1000

A Kick in the D!ck, The Return on the Killer 1000

Workout Date:





Lombardi, Fergie, Flop, Bling, Brandy Bunch, Boxcar, Breadcrumb, Hoser (YHC)

The Thang:

Some years ago, never mind how long precisely… I’ll stop right hear and let you guess what work of literature I took that line from.


Ok back to the backblast

…I led a workout before #waverucker was an official AO. At that time we were just a bunch of idiots, who fell in love with GORUCK and wanted to be better at rucking so we signed up for this training program called Pathfinder. Little did we know that that would be the genesis of Waverucker. Not much has changed since then, were still a bunch of idiots that love GORUCK we just have an official AO now.

With no one taking the Q, YHC decided on Sunday to take it and that we were going to go back to our roots. The invitation was thrown out to all to join me and as an added bonus, sandbags would not be needed.

The Weather:

Man you could not ask for better weather then we had this morning. What I wouldn’t give to have this weather all year round. Temps were hovering in the low 50’s, there was no humidity and no wind. Most pax were dressed in shorts and long sleeve t-shirt, one pax was dressed for an artic expedition wearing a wool cap, gloves, and long sleeves. And of course Fergie came dressed in the nines in a white t-shirt, and dark shorts. Forcing Bling to ask him if he was planning to come dressed like space ghost when it gets colder.

The Thang:

One minute warning and disclaimer was given. We walked over to the track and YHC explained what this morning’s workout would consist of.

Pax would take a lap, this yas pax choice on how fast they wanted to do the lap. They mosey the whole lap, do a normal ruck lap or anything in between. When the pax got back to the start line we would do 10 reps of 10 exercises. Those exercises were:

  1. Merkins
  2. Big-boy sit ups
  3. Right leg lunges
  4. Left leg lunges
  5. Over head press
  6. Right side oblique bends
  7. Left side oblique bends
  8. Right arm curls
  9. Left arm curls
  10. Tricep extensions.

After the 10th rep of the 10th exercise the pax would take  lap and repeat the exercises when they returned to the start line. We would do this till we finished 1000 reps (10 laps for you math majors out there), or till we ran out of time this morning.

Boxcar and Brandy Bunch moseyed the first lap and soon saw the folly in their decision and decided to do a normal ruck with the rest of us. The pax got in 9 of the 10 laps when time was called. With the pax having to play beat the school bus we decided that we’ll have to save those last 100 reps for another day.


Incase some of you are missing the days when the Q would have something to due with military/American history I offer you this:

Yesterday marked the 244 anniversary of the death of a Famous American Patriot. While you may not know his name, you more than likely have heard his famous last words “I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.” His name is Nathan Hale.

Washington had lost the Battle of Long Island and made his escape across the east river only to be driven out of New York a few weeks later.

Washington was desperate for information about the British. He asked Lt. Colonel Thomas Knowlton to help recruit volunteers to be spies. Lt. Col Knowlton was commanding a corps of Rangers who acted as a special scouting arm of the army and were to take on tasks that involved a “special, delicate and hazardous duty.” Only Caption Hale volunteered o be a spy.

Capt. Hale was a graduate from Yale who had been teaching when the American Revolution began. He joined the army and obtained the rank of Captain. Unfortunately his experience in spying did not match his enthusiasm. Hale was supposed to enter enemy territory posing as a school teacher and was tasked to gather any information he could on the size, strength, and location of the British and their fortifications.

However, Capt. Hale did not know how to write in code, nor did he have invisible ink. If he was caught it would be rather obvious what he was doing. Details about Capt. Hales time behind enemy lines are sketchy. He was able to gather some information what is not well know is how he was caught. The two common theories are that he was betrayed by a Tory cousin or he was tricked into revealing himself.

On September 21st he was brought before Lord William Howe. Capt. hale did not deny what he was doing and he was sentenced without a trial. On September 22 he was executed being denied both a Bible and a Minister. British soldiers commented how “calm” he was and how he “bore himself with gentle dignity”.


Fergie is on Q tomorrow at Warthog

Bling is on Q on Monday at Elevation Monday, we will return to Doug Shaw

Headgear is on Q on Wednesday at Waverucker.

Valvano was missed, but he did let YHC know that he had to be at work at 0600 this morning so it was an excused absence. Not that Valvano would care if it was excused or not

No other announcements

Prayer Requests

Bling’s mom was not able to have her surgery done yesterday and it has been rescheduled for October

Onecall is nursing an injury so prayers for a fast recovery

YHC led us out in prayer. And in case you cant remember where the opening line of this backblast is from, or don’t care enough to Google it. It’s the second sentence of the first opening paragraph of Moby Dick by Herman Melville.

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