A Q for two plus two

A Q for two plus two

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Manzell, Bubbles, Snips

The Thang:

Well, I was up against it today with the VQ at the Plank. How can you compete with that, it has it all – the location, the lights, Burgundy on Q for the first time and best of all the name. I just wanted to have a few people to show at the mothership for a Q to get the day started. At 5:07 it didn’t look so good, a Q of one. Then at 5:10 headlights on the horizon Snips rolls silently into the lot in the Prius. Then a rumble of thunder and one headlight down the road, it is Bubbles. We begin to circle up and another set of headlights turn the corner, who is it? It looks like a Jeep, Earlybird? Weedeater? (not him he has been avoiding me for months) it is a newish face Manzell who, by the sound of it, might be a new addition to the Grand Strand F3.  We have a Q of four, that is all we need to get started. I hope Burgundy has more, they must have 20 people up there, maybe more!

20 SSH, 10 TTT, 10 Merkins, 15 Imperial Walkers, 15 Arm Circles forward and backward

I had some good stuff planned for a bigger crowd that would take up some time, but with these guys it went fast.

We mosey out the back of the lot, everyone wonders where we are going, “we never go this way”. Maybe they will think we are at a new AO, maybe they will forget the ratty parking lot we have or the goose poop.

We find the lot near the ball fields and do a Bear Crawl 3 lines then 5 Merkins. Crawl 3 more lines then 4 merkins all the way down to 1 merkin. Then we lunge walk 3 line with 5 squats, lunge walk 3 lines with 4 squats and on down the line. We end up at the nicest picnic tables at Market Common, the high roof lines, clean, smooth concrete surface, shiny tables and bright lights.

Dora time, 100 merkins, 150 Squats, 200 SSH.

Then this is where it starts to fall apart with 4 people. I’m out of breath, I need help with the rounds of Mary. But with 4 people we blow through a couple rounds, the mumble chatter is at a minimum. I have lots of time to fill. At this point I wonder they are doing at the Plank, stairs, track work, suicides on the field (they have soooo much). I bet a round of Mary there would take 15 minutes with all the people there (do they have 25 people), but we gut through it and I start back. We run it back with the lunge walk to squat every three lines, right into the bear crawl 3 lines and merkins again.

Over to the picnic tables near the lake to fill the rest of the time. At the table we do 20 dips with 20 step ups, next round 15 dips with 15 step ups. Bubbles calls time and puts a merciful end to the Q. Is it me? (probably), I think out the Q (mostly), I try to challenge everyone (I can never do the whole Q). I’ll read Burgundy’s BackBlast, maybe I’ll learn how to get folks out to the Q. I’m sure he did a great job, I’m glad he had the numbers, it is important – it helps when you are Qing for the first time.

I thank those that came out today, we welcome Manzell to the fold he killed it today. I appreciate the opportunity to get better physically, mentally and spiritually.


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