A Trip Around Warthog

A Trip Around Warthog

Workout Date:





Timber, Studebaker, Billboard, Flash, Bubbles, Whittle (QIC)

The Thang:

Being my first hour-long Q I thought it was going to be hard to come up with enough to keep everyone moving the whole time, but it really wasn’t too bad. Apparently, I didn’t explain the main part of the workout very well in that we were going to be doing an escalator style workout going up the parking garage and cumulating more as we went up the levels. Instead, we ended up just going up and doing each workout when the level changed. But I didn’t let everyone off the hook! When it was time to go down the parking garage I made sure we did the workouts at each level and taking one off as we descended. Once we got to the bottom we had plenty of time for some work around the fountain. After that I realized we had even more time left, so with Billboard’s recommendation, we headed to the mountain! I quickly gave out some Dora instructions and everyone went to work. The backpedal uphill was a true crowd-pleaser. In the end, we had plenty of time for some mary which included Bubble’s never-ending flutter kicks.

Thank you for Timber from Camden, SC for joining us!

As always, it was an honor to lead!


2 Pax for 11 mile pre-bike

Conditions: 42°

Disclaimer given

Warm – Up
20 SSH – IC
10 Merkins – OYO
15 Imperial Walkers – IC
Mosey across the pond
15 Windmills – IC
15 Freddy Mercury’s – IC

Mosey to garage

Parking Garage Escalator!
1st 5 Burpees
2nd 10 LBCs
3rd 15 Merkins
4th 20 Squats
5th 25 Carolina Dry Docks
6th 30 SSH

25 dips
15 Box jumps/step ups
10 derkins

Mosey to The Mountain

Dora – Backpedal uphill and run down
100 Big Boys
200 Carolina Dry Docks
150 Lunges – single count

Mosey back for 15 minutes of Mary


Count-o-rama: 6


4/28/18 – Dragon Boat Race
4/29/18 – International Drive Road Race, contact Bluegrass with any questions and for a promo code
5/19/18 – Mud Run

Prayed for the group

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