A Walk in the Park

A Walk in the Park

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Karma (R), Blooper, Juice, Faulkner, Smalls, Bedpan, Matlock, Mater, Jockwarts, Softserve, Merganser, Butch (QIC)

The Thang:

I stole this workout from when I posted downrange in Johnson City, TN about a year ago. It was called a Walk in the Park because there is no running, but it is not an easy workout either. In JC, they workout at a park with a quarter mile loop that is lit with lights every 15-20 yards, and the QIC that day had us carrying a block/sandbag and doing exercises between each light. I modified that to fit our AO for this workout, and kind of did it on the fly, but with the premise being no running. I normally enjoy moseying and moving around, so I thought this would be a good curveball. 

We opened with a disclaimer, as Bedpan sat on his 6 finishing the last sips of his coffee.. Warmup began with 25 SSH IC, followed by 10 merkins OYO. We had about 150 yds from the shovel flag to the coupon pile, so our warmup continued working that way with Aaron Hernandez’s (Toy Soldiers), Bear Crawls, Crab Walks, Lunge Walks, and Broad Jumps. Once at the coupon pile everyone grabbed a block and we lined up on the back of the endzone facing onto the field (Stables Park currently has a nicely marked football field with lines every 10 yards).

Part 1: Carry coupon forward 10 yds, and do 1 curl at the goalline. Continue forward and do 2 curls at the 10 yd line, 3 curls at the 20, etc. until reaching the back of the opposite endzone and doing 12 curls there. Rifle hold coupons until all PAX finish. (74 Curls total)

Part 2: Turn around, and return doing the same concept of 1 at the goalline, 2 at the 10, and ending with 12 at the back of the endzone, but with Overhead Presses and carrying your coupon as you see fit between each 10 yards until reaching 12 OHP. (74 OHP total)

Part 3: Partner up, Partner 1 Bearcrawls 10 yds, while Partner 2 Rifle Carries 10 yds. Switch every 10 yards until reaching the back of the endzone. (60 yds of Bearcrawls, 60 yds of Rifle Carry each)

Part 4: This was a 120 yd walk back to the start,  with partners sharing carrying their block. This served as our 10 count.

Part 5: Back to solo. Carry your block and do 4 block-merkins every 10 yds all the way to the back of the far endzone. (48 Merkins total)

Part 6: Head back towards start, carrying your block, and doing 5 goblet squats every 10 yds. (60 Goblet Squats total)

Part 7: Partner up again. Partner 1 Crab Walks 10 yds, while Partner 2 does walking curls. Swap every 10 yds until in the far endzone. (60 yds crab walks, and however many curls you could do while walking 60 yds)

Part 8: Another 120 yd walk with the block back to start serving as another 10 count.

We had about 12 minutes left, so we got in a circle and did Mary Ab work, where most PAX included their blocks (blocks to heaven, flutters with chest press IC, windshield wipers, etc.) In between doing each PAX choice all PAX did 2 Blockees, so we all got in 24 blockees and lots of good ab work. 

Mary pushed us over by about a minute by the time we returned the coupons. Since we were about 150 yds away from the shovel flag and were behind time we Bernie Sanders to the flag, since this technically isn’t running.

COT, count-o-rama, name-o-rama, prayer requests/announcements. Quick prayer. Bro fist bumps, and we were out.