Workout Date:





Sleepy(R), Karma, Hoser, Bergundy, Elon(FNG), Disconnect, Headgear(QIC)

The Thang:

AO: Warthog

Conditions: Cloudy 68 degrees, 100% Humidity.

Another Saturday at Warthog!  What can I say!  The Mothership is the place to be no Saturday though Flash and Weedeater were texting trying to get YHC to ditch the Q and head to Timeshare and comparing numbers, Flash had 8 PAX at Timeshare to Warthog’s 7 PAX…If someone would have just swung by to pick up Cotton Candy, who did HC but ended up without a vehicle this morning.


1 Minute Warning


Mosey past the bridge for warm up.

SSH x20 IC

IW x15 IC

HillBillies x15 IC

Merkins x22 OYO

TTT x15 IC

Windmills x15 IC

Mosey to Valor Park

PAX will start on the corner of Nevers St and Farrow Pkwy, do 10 burpees, then run around the 4 corners of Valor Park back to Nevers St and Farrow Pkwy to perform exercises for 4 rounds: 25 squat jumps/50Merkins/75 BBSUs/100 SSHs.

Mosey to the playground.

Pullups x22

Circle up for a super round of Mary:

FlutterKicks x50 (4 Count)

Knees to Chest x10

FlutterKicks x25 (4 Count)

PAX Choice all the way around – All kinds of high rep fun

FlutterKicks x25 (4 Count)

Burpees x10




Name FNG – David – Runs a couple of YouTube Channels including Wise Flys.  From NY.  Played sports including lacrosse.  Rolled up this morning in a Tesla….  Lots of possibilities but we’ll call him Elon.



You should always have  a plan when you Q a beatdown even if its just an idea of what you are going to do for the day and you should always be prepared to modify.  We had an FNG today that is coming off a knee injury and was modifying his run around the park with a walk about halfway through so YHC modified the beatdown not really sure what to expect with the extended Mary session (about 20 minutes).  It’s been a while since my abs were smoked like that!  Good work by everyone today. Shoutout to Sleepy, a Saturday only PAX because of work schedule; he is averaging about 1 FNG per month or more.  Looking forward to having Elon back out, maybe we can learn more about Wise Flys and how to take a CSAUP trip for free on points.  Disconnect took the day off for a rare Saturday workout and  Karma was in rare form and all over him today. Hoser also made an appearance so hope to have him back at more BC beatdowns even though he normally has a ruck on his back.   Bergundy showed up even though Disconnect tried to direct him to the beach alone so he could “meet him”…. yeah… kinda creepy.  Not the beatdown I planned today but all in all a great workout and some good fun!

Always an honor!

-Headgear out!!!


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