Abs it is…shoulder & knee said so

Abs it is…shoulder & knee said so

Workout Date:





Beaker, Chicken little

The Thang:

Temp 73 Breezy- Cloudy

Arrival 5 min till beatdown to find beaker and chicken little getting stretched and ready
Plant flag and AO H sign to get the word out
Weinke in hand

Time, Let’s get it!

SSH x15 IC
TTT x15 IC

Mosey to Avista deck
0- Flutters x15 IC
1- Plank Jacks x15 IC
2- LBC’s x15 IC
3- Crunchy Frog x15 IC
4- MTN Climbers x15 IC
5- Freddy Mercury x15 IC
6- Big Boy’s x15 IC
7- Carolina DD x15 IC
8- American Hammers x15 IC

Dora at the top deck
Run to end and back while other pax do exercise
– Floyd Maywether’s
– Dips

What goes up must come down
8- Wall sit air press x15 IC
7- Flop squat – (feet against wall in plank pos. squat knees to floor)Flop original
6- Balls to wall 10 count
5- Balls to wall slower 10 count
4- Decline merkin off of wall
3-2-1-0 mosey down beaker has 2.0 school delivery duty.

Great to have Beaker back in the gloom
Honor to lead
Get at least 1% better every workout is etched in my mind from Growruck22
All got better!


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