All Treats No Tricks

All Treats No Tricks

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Candy Cane


Candy Cane(QIC), Drifter, Boxcar, Castaway

The Thang:

After almost forgetting that I had snagged one of the last Qs of the month YHC tossed around the idea of doing stairs and laps for the whole hour today but eventually decided that maybe we should just put in some miles with some elevation work midway through. The plan was simple we would run from Doug Shaw to the top of the old pavilion parking deck with 50 squats and lunges and then back for time. Depending on the pace we were going to do multiple laps up and down the parking deck but apparently the other 3 pax got together and decided that slightly over mall walking speed was the pace today so we made that work and all got better. If we were brave enough there was even 3.5 doughnuts left at the parking deck for us placed oddly in the center of the ramp but none of us brought our treat bags so we left those for the next guy. We rolled back in with 5 min to spare and Boxcar threw out the idea to close out with Hoser since he was the only pax to show up at waverucker so we moved into the stadium so he could pray is out.