All Uphill From Here

All Uphill From Here

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Hoser, Bling, Valvano, Fergie, Boxcar, BradyBunch, Flop, Headgear (QIC)

The Thang:

AO: ElevationMonday at the Hulk

Conditions:  Cool.  Breezy.  58degrees. 75% humidity.

When the Q Sheet is blank, someone has to take the Q.  AOQ, Valvano, asked the PAX for a volunteer so after crickets, I went ahead and took this one.  Doug Shaw is a great place to go but thought I should change it up and show a little love to The Hulk.  Picked up BradyBunch on the way, hoping our neighbors don’t shoot me or call the police as I wait on BB to pull his ruck and sandbag out of his trunk before throwing it in the bed of my truck while we speed off.  Get to the AO, count 8 total PAX.

Time to go!

Ruck over the Robert Grissom Bridge.

Stop at the bottom.  Rucks off.

Run to the 150’ mark and back, then to the 300’ mark and back.

Ruck to the 150’ mark and back then to the 300’ mark and back.

Ruck and Sandbag to the 150’ mark and back then to the 300’ mark and back.

Regroup for next round.

Same idea but shorten distance to 100’ and 200’.

After the ruck portion, time was running short so Rucks and sandbags over the bridge back to the start point for a right on time finish.

Total distance – 4 miles



What can I say, we rucked, carried heavy stuff and moved…uphill.  Felt like we were going uphill the entire time but this is why #ElevationMonday came into existence.  Might as well feel that uphill pain here because we know Charlotte and a lot of other places we may ruck all have hills. Weather was perfect so couldn’t complain too much.  Thanks to Bling, Boxcar and Valvano for knowing the exact amount of time it would take to make it back over the bridge to the start point.  Great work by all!

-Headgear out!!!


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