Arrow Air Flight 1285R Remembered

Arrow Air Flight 1285R Remembered

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Einstein, Rubber, Spork, Sade, Crabs, Beefsteak, Sunshine, Headgear, Geno, Rousey, Jeter, & Lombardi

The Thang:

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The Pledge of Allegiance


SSH, IW, TTT, WM, Hillbilly’s, LBAC-Fwd, Air Press, Seal Clap, LBAC-Reverse and upon completion mosey’d in counter clockwise fashion around the church building and to the cross.

Upon arrival shared the following:

On this date, 37 years ago, a charter flight carrying 248 US soliders back to Fort Campbell, KY, from Cairo, Egypt crashed a half a mile from the runway following its final stop in Newfoundland, Canada. All 248 service members, many assigned to the US Army 101st Airborne Division, and 8 crew members perished on this fateful day.

The time spent in the gloom kept us mindful of the 256 lives lost on this date.

30 steps / 25 SSH / 20 calf raises / 10 dips with a run across the parking lot and back following each round of exercises.

30 lunges / 25 plank jacks (2 count) / 20 CDD / 10 dips . . . run.

30 squats / 25 mountain climbers (2 count) /20 derkins / 11 dips . . . run.

Two rounds of the aforementioned exercises were completed followed by one round of the following:

30 LBC’s / 25 Hello Dolly’s / 20 Pretzel Crunch (10 each side) / 10 BBSUs

30 LBC’s / 25 Freddie Mercury’s / 20 Pretzel Crunch (10 each side) / 10 BBSUs

Mosey back to SF.

Count-A-Rama / Name-O-Rama

Announcements / COT

Many thanks to AOQ Cross Stitch for reaching out inquiring into my availability to Q on this date. It was a pleasure and I’m grateful for each PAX who joined. May you all have a blessed Christmas holiday season. Aye! Lombardi.