Auchtung Baby!!

Auchtung Baby!!

Workout Date:





Castaway, Quaker (YHC)

The Thang:

AO: The Village

Conditions: 45 degrees, Calm, Quite Nice

YHC arrived at the AO to find the Village Gate wide open and welcoming to all. As I pulled into the lot, I got my mind straight and mentally prepared for the pain to begin. I kept thinking about what others PAX perceive as the theme of The Village.

Every AO has a theme. For example: Warthog – “The Mothership” is all things to all people and Catapult is launching new PAX & accommodating those on IR. But all AO have their own flavor and The Village is no different!

I never really thought about the uniqueness of each AO until I was talking with Pikachu during Coffeteria and he pointed out that he sees The Village was the “running AO”. His observation was on point. We run a lot at the Village: be it the perimeter Indian Runs, the parking lot sprints, the runs to the beach for a set of 11’s, Weasel’s tours of local Parks, the burpee miles, Lamp Post Intervals, or the bridge work.

Although the original AO was defined by the fence around it, its footprint has expanded and evolved to engulf more then a 4-mile radius! If you want to get better this is the place to be!!

As I stepped out into the cool but comfortable air, Castaway pulled in. He was sporting shorts, a long sleeve running pullover, and a beaning. Lets just say  YHC was over dressed, again. We both ditched our beanies & circled up. The one minute warning was announced & it looked like it would just be the 2 of us to start (Hamburglar said he was running in from the Hulk). The tunes were cranked up and this is what happened.

5:14 – One minute warning

5:15 – Proper Disclaimer

No COP . . . to get to where we were going we needed to RUN!


Out the Village Gate we ran and took a hard right on to 65th Avenue. At the intersection of 65th & Frontage Road, we lined up for Sprints! We sprinted to the Palm Trees at 75% (approximately 50 yrds), then Sprinted to the Diamond Shaped Road Sign at 100% (approximately 75 yrds). We then ran to the Stop Light, across Bypass 17 and onto 62nd Avenue N. We continued to run a brisk pace until 62nd Avenue N intersected with Clair Chapin Epps Drive (CCE).

10 SSH IC – to catch our breath.

Sprint – 75% to the 1st Light Pole (approximately 50 yrds)

Sprint – 100% to 2nd Light Pole (approximately 50 yrds)

Continue running on CCE and then turn left onto Col. Bob Bell Path (CBB) past the Barc Park. At the elbow in CBB, we encountered 5-6 Hulkamaniacs running towards us, also at brisk pace, said our Hellos and thought that we would be picking up at least one PAX (Hamburglar) for the main event. But Lo & Behold, the Hulkamaniac (including 1 FNG) just kept running into the Gloom!

At the Bridge we did the Following Exercises:

Bearcrawl to the 50 yrd Marker

22 Merkins OYO

Lunge Walk to the 100 yrd Marker

25 Mountain Climbers

50% Sprint to the 200 Yrd Marker

25 Squats

75% Sprint to the top of the Bridge

25 Carolina Dry Docks

100% Sprint across the Bridge

10 Count

75% Sprint to Large Road Sign over International Drive

25 Flutter Kicks

75% Sprint back to the Bridge

15 Sumo Squats

100% Sprint across the Bridge

10 Count

75% Sprint to 250 Marker

15 reps of unknown exercise

50% Sprint to 100 yrd Marker

Lunge Walk to 50 yrd Marker

Bearcrawl to finish line

Run back down CBB, past the Barc Park, hang a right on 62nd Avenue N, Crossover Bypass 17, & turn left onto Frontage Road.

Along Frontage Road we passed ERC, Hottub (I think), Sunshine, FNG, and Rubber. While passing, Sunshine asked, “Did Hamburglar ever find you?”

“No, I thought he was with the Hulkamnaiacs!”

I know that Hamburglar knew where to find us (on the bridge), heck he was the one to suggest bridge work to me. Anyways if he ran solo or took the day off, he missed one Heck of a Beatdown!

Castaway and YHC arrived back at the AO with 8 Minutes to spare, so we headed straight for the Block Pile!

10 Curls IC (4ct)

10 Overhead Press IC (4ct)

10 Tricept Extensions IC (4ct)

Replace the Blocks and mosey to the Shovel Flag

Mary: 10 Box Cutters IC; 10 Box Cutter IC in Reverse; 10 Hello Dolly IC

6:00 – Time Called

The Numbers: 3.05 Miles; 8.03 minute Pace – total smokefest

Announcements: Freed to Bleed (12.30.2020); GrowRuck (Sign-ups); Ugly Sweater Convergence (12.19.2020 at BombSquad 7 am); Fostering Hope – Bike Drive (Buy a Bike or partner up and buy a bike with a brother)

Prayers for Castaway (He & his wife are expecting another child); Prayers for PAX who could & could not workout this week; Prayers for our families; Prayers unspoken

Moleskin – Did you know that Castaway never attended a Rock Concert? So if you ever need a wingman (especially for ZZ-Top) let him know. Great hanging out with Castaway one on one. Castaway’s youth exploited YHC’s every weakness (and there are many). We pushed each other hard today. Thank you for the opportunity to lead.







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