Back By Popular Demand

Back By Popular Demand

Workout Date:





Kitten, Sunshine, Buffett, Chewy, Skid Marks, Boxcar, Quaker (QIC)

The Thang:

AO:The Village

Conditions: 47 degrees, damp

YHC loaded an assortment of coupons last evening into his truck for this morning’s Beatdown. There were buckets, weights, ropes, bar, and dumbbells, but this was just for starters! When YHC arrived at the Village (5:05 am) I also gathered up 6 cinder blocks strategically hidden behind the dumpster. YHC was also tempted to grab some pavers that magically appeared behind the dumpster, but restrained myself and left them for another day! (Note: The Coupon Pile has multiplied & grown over the past few weeks, all we need now are some of the beautiful new pallets Bluegrass/Handy brought to BombSquad on Saturday #wishlist). YHC then created 10 pain stations; each pain stations consisted of 2 exercises and worked 1 body part. As the PAX arrived everyone chipped in and helped lay out each pain station. Many were gitty to begin some were forlorn. Only one PAX had a question, “Where’s Burpee Station?” Was he disappointed or excited? Only time would tell!


5:29 – One Minute Warning

5:30 – Proper Disclaimer

COP: 25 SSH IC; 20 TTT IC; 22 Merkins; 15 Imperial Walkers; 15 Little Baby Arm Circles IC ; 14 LBAC in Reverse IC

Mosey to the Bus Parking Lot and back to the Shovel Flag

The THANG: MuscleBeach & Burpee’s Eleven

MUSCLEBEACH – All exercises were performed AMRAP. . .YHC called start & stop times . . . After each exercise PAX ran small Parking Lot Loop back to the beginning for next exercise . . . 20-25 Reps of each exercise were completed by each PAX . . . After 2nd exercise & run was completed at each Pain Station the PAX rotated . .  . 8 out of 10 Pain Stations were completed in 30 minutes

Pain Station #1 : Chest

  1. Abyss Merkins
  2. Dumbbell Press (2 x 25 lbs)

Pain Station #2: Curls

  1. Straight Bar ( 45 lbs)
  2. Cinder Block Curls

Pain Station #3: Shoulders

  1. Cinder Block Overhead Press
  2. Bucket Shugs (25 lbs each Bucket)

Pain Station #4: triceps

  1. Dips
  2. Behind the Neck Sandbag Extensions (30 lbs)

Pain Station #5: Legs

  1. Bucket Squats (50 lbs)
  2. Lunges (50 lbs)

Pain Station #6 : Chest

  1. Derkins
  2. Incline Merkins

Pain Station #7: Curls

  1. 35 lbs Plate
  2. 25 lbs Plate

Pain Station #8: Shoulders

  1. Carolina Dry Docks
  2. Front Raises with 35 lbs Plate

Pain Station #9: Triceps

  1. Rope tricep Extensions (25 lbs)
  2. Skull Crushers (25 lbs)

Pain Station #10: Legs

  1. JumpSquat
  2. Squat

15 Minute Warning

BURPEE’s ELEVEN (Juggernaut beware!)

PAX lined up on one side of Parking Lot and performed 10 Burpees . . . run to opposite side of Parking Lot (20 yrds) . . . 1 Burpee . . . run to start for 9 Burpees . . . run to opposite side for 2 Burpees . . .etc, etc . . .Finish with 1 Burpee at starting line and 10 Burpees at opposite side of parking lot.

NOTE: Sunshine, Kitten, & Skidmark dominated this event! . . . the rest of the PAX (YHC included) received Honorable Mention for making through!!

TOTALS: 110 Burpees!


Announcements: Dragon Boat Races (4/28/18) still need 5-6 HIM for 2nd Boat; International Drive 5K & 10K (4/29/18). Columbia Mudrun Teams are forming (HC now!!); A pact was made by All Village PAX that Burpees would not be administered the rest of the week at The Village or BombSquad!

Prayers: Sunshine & family as his business goes through personnel changes, general prayers for all PAX



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