Back to Hoser’s Secret Spot #CULINARY

Back to Hoser’s Secret Spot #CULINARY

Workout Date:





Valvano, Hoser, Mr. Jingles (RESPECT), Lombardi, Flash (1st time), Billboard, OneCall (QIC)

The Thang:

74.  Decent.  WAY better than the oven that is the parking deck that Valvano decided to use last week

2 weeks ago Hoser had a secret spot….and he shared it with us, well because that’s what we do.  He found it, he nurtured it, he loved it, it was his secret, yet he shared it with us.  It is quite a luscious spot.  Nice grass, lighting, stones.  Just a lovely place for pain.  Lots and lots of pain.  When he took us all there he instilled a lot of pain.  I was verbalizing how “CUL” (that’s a long U – see what I did there; and watch this to see how to pronounce the applicable word) the letters were in front of the secret spot and how they would make a good Q…so Hoser said – you Q in 2 weeks.  OK.  Signed up.  Ideas formulated.  Research done as I was there every day last week anyhow as my 2.1 took a fantastic cooking class there with some amazing chefs!  Everything was perfect!

Wasn’t sure who would show, as I called out everybody and then some.  The regulars of course HC’d – Lombardi, Hoser, Valvano, and our newest regular Mr. Jingles.  Bling is out this week for his HTL this weekend.  Got a bite from Flash and Billboard.  Thought we had Flop bringing us Gatorade treats but his schedule put him out.  Weedeater said he’d be there.  We are still waiting for him…maybe we will see him at his Q tomorrow.   Geno looked utterly confused yesterday when I asked if he was coming.  Anyhow, we had 7 awesome dudes show and here is what we did.

1 minute warning

Everyone Ruck up, grab a sandbag (Billboard was in weight vest and grabbed extra ruck) and let’s go to the secret spot
Sandbags weighed from 40#-60#

We would see how many rounds we could get in in our time
The bright letters spell – CULINARY
Up Downs (basically a burpee)
Lunges (count each leg)
Imperial Squat Walker – Squat, up elbow, squat, up elbow
Nice Tris – Tricep extensions [Valvano said this was a stretch with the “N”, but since we did curls before, we needed to even out the guns]
Al Gore hold with OH Press of Ruck
Russian Twist
YoYos – Burpee with sand bag throw, 3 up, 3 back

We would start with 2 reps at each letter, transporting sandbags with us along the letters.  At the “Y”, we did the YoYo each time.  After the 1st round, option was given to modify the “Y” to 2 or even 1, but not with this group of #HIM.  #CTHT   Always.
Each round we would increase the reps by 2.  2, 4, 6 etc.  We made it to 12 (add up those reps and all the men were smoked)

Additionally, in between each round, we used the 4 beautiful lights to get a reprieve (???) from the sandbags, but still with rucks on.
From the starting light to the 1st light – Bear Crawl there and Crawl Bear back
From the starting light to the 2nd light – Lunge walk there and Toy Soldier back
From the starting light to the 3rd light – OH Hold the ruck to that light and walk back, grab a sandbag (alternating so you got a chance at different weights) and head back to “C”.  Carry the sandbag back anyway you like – on your back, on 1 shoulder, farmers walk, whatever works for you

We took 2 “cool down” ruck walks around the grassy island in between 2 of the later rounds
I think we had one 2 count all morning – the men pushed non-stop!

With 10 minutes to go we set up a nice picture
And then with 8 minutes left, (which was how long it took to ruck everything to the secret spot) we rucked back to our cars


Count-O-Rama – 7
Prayer requests for Pert Plus adoption/travel
Prayer requests for Jill and family
Prayer requests unspoken

– Great time having fun with the surroundings and hard work by all!!!
– Thanks to Billboard for the tunes (except the one really vulgar one!)
– Wonder if there are cameras on that building and if so what whoever was watching us will be thinking
– We met a dude in the parking lot….looking for us?  No, my car.  Hmm…well intros made and told him to check out F3GrandStrand and F3Nation..maybe he will be back (hope it wasn’t the guy from Tuesday that got goosed by mistake)
– The YoYo’s were insane.  6 burpees with full body throws of the weight, 2 of the bags being 60# – brutal – Hoser may have a 1 mile of this Q at some point
– For one of the lunge walks, YHC had the men link up arm in arm and lunge together.  We had to do this at our recent GRT, and it was tough.  200 yards, uphill, in the winter, with no shoes, in the soft sand, while it was snowing, while being chased by crocodiles.  Plus, having to pick up the people next to you and stay linked with all that weight.  Today wasn’t as hard, but it makes everyone work that little bit extra for the man next to you!
– As expected, Flash is a beast and killed everything – everyone did really, but this was Flash’s 1st #WaveRucker
– Lombardi is a photo expert!  Love it!
– Mr. Jingles is #AllIn on Rucking now and kicking butt! He is waiting for the aforementioned sale to buy his gear!!

– Hoser on Q Saturday at #Warthog – football and/or ultimate frisbee; 2.0 friendly
– #TheRepublic kicks up with Saturday boot camps again this Saturday.  Peach heading it up.  0700-0800 under the water tower (normal spot)
– This Saturday, Handy Manny leading #3rdF study at #Warthog from 0545-0645 before the beatdown – Authentic Manhood – 33 series
– There are burpee tickets everywhere….over 1000 sold.  Be aware.
– Next Wednesday – #WaverRucker will be from 0530-0700 with a July 4 theme ruck workout.  Then #Warthog will “open” at 0700 for #TheMURPH


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