Back To Our Roots

Back To Our Roots

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Hoser, Bling, Fergie, Meatball aka 50-50, Brady Bunch, Boxcar, Valvano (QIC)

The Thang:

YHC posted to Slack that this WaveRucker would be a return to our original WaveRucker workouts – 45 minutes of rucking followed by a 45 minute beatdown.  Heavy weight and/or sandbags were encouraged, but YHC had a change of plans overnight and no bags would be needed.

73 … oppressively muggy

1 minute warning and disclaimer

Ruck up and head out.  Down Forbus and left on Farrow to head towards 17.  23 minutes out and about 22 minutes back.  Everyone kept a good pace (about 15:33 average), good fellowship was had (great to catch up with Meatball aka 50-50), and the sweat started rolling.

Back at the cars, PAX were given a minute or two to grab a drink, rearrange ruck/weight, and get ready for the beatdown.

FiA was occupying the large shelter, so we headed to the smaller middle one.  Once there, YHC reminded the PAX that we’d be participating in the #CHAD1000x WOD on Veteran’s Day – 1000 step ups!  We’d get some training in today by following one of GORUCK’s training plans for the WOD.

20 minutes of AMRAP step ups.  40 seconds of work followed by 20 seconds of break.  The goal was to average at least 10 step ups per round (1 every 4 seconds).  Legs were already tired, but everyone pushed hard for 20 minutes.  Veteran’s Day will be brutal, so come with your mind in a good place!

YHC was hoping for about 20 minutes left, but we were down to about 17.  Still time to head over to the playground for another fun WOD … Robbie Miller!  For those that hadn’t done the RM before, YHC explained the full WOD called for a 3 mile ruck, 12 rounds of 6 pull-ups, 6 burpees with a squat, 6 4 count mountain climbers, and 6 ruck getups, followed by another 3 mile ruck.  Obviously, no time for all of that, but we’d try to get in 3-4 rounds of the PT.  That didn’t happen.  Two rounds in and everyone was smoked, so YHC called an audible and we spent the last few minutes stretching out our sore legs before heading back to the cars.  Still very strong work!

Time Called!

Count-O-Rama – 7
–  FreedToBleed – Oct 30th – Check Slack and sign up!
Prayer requests:
–  Brady Bunch and M – Healthy pregnancy


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