Backblast Catapult – 75 Anniversary of D-Day

Backblast Catapult – 75 Anniversary of D-Day

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Humpback, Hamburglar, The Intern, Quaker, Bling, Flop, Penelope, Lugnut

The Thang:

Conditions – 75 Muggy

D- Day – 75th Anniversary at Catapult we honored those men and women who were part of the D- Day Invasion to Normandy.

Disclaimer was read as well as 5 principles of F3

Warm up 75 exercises (75 Anni)

15 SSH, 15 TTT, 15 BAC – Forward and Back, 15 FK,

Mosey to Coupon pile for a coupon to serve as our 80 lb (ours were lighter) pack that the men carried onto the beaches at D- Day

Mosey to Parking lot to the Core station which was labeled as our Landing Craft – 15 American Hammers, 15 Reverse Curls, 15 (4 count Flutter Kicks, 15 LBCs, 15 Imperial Walkers – these were done individually with a trip to each beach station in between. (75 Exercises)

Omaha – 15 Lion Kings w Coupon

Utah – 15 squats w Coupon

Gold Beach – 15 overhead Presses w Coupon

Sword Beach – 15 Merkins

Juno Beach – 15 Curls w Coupon

75 th Anniversary – D-Day facts provided during Q – 2000 lost their lives at Omaha in the early morning hours of June 6 1944 placed in perspective that is more than have lost their lives in hostilities in Afghanstan (respect and thankfulness for both) but hard to imagine How Alpha and Bravo companies lost almost all as first on Omaha.

All in all 155000 soldiers landed in Normandy on this day.

Above workout done x2 with a Coupon carry (logs available for rabbits -The Intern, Hamburglar & Quaker) to the cross for prayer for fallen after first.

A little time to finish 25 Merkins, 25 Windmills (3 count which got a giggle from Flop & Penelope and a perplexed look from Bling), 25 Squat Jumps.

Mosey back Coupons and 5 second stretch

Count -O-Rama – 9

Name – O -Rama

Announcements – Hulkamania on Saturday from Quaker – come one come all for a run, Convergence 6/15 bring all

Prayer Requests – 2 Marks with Cancer, Hip surgery recovery, Pikachu (back), O’Douls (pneumonia), Daughter Mary – Campus Crusade in Moscow Russia. As well silent prayers.

Thanks for attending first Q .

Thank a soldier for your freedom, Police and Fireman for your safety, and teacher/mom/dad /other for your education and who you are.

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