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Rousey (Respect)


Buffet, Mrs. Doubtfire, Cross-stitch, BillyBlanks (2.0), Crabs, Flyover, Spork (FNGQ), Beefsteak (AOQ) and QIC

The Thang:

Conditions: Low 60s, slightly chilly, and gloomy.  No SC humidity tho — we’ll take that!

YHC (QIC) turn to lead the #HIM of #BombSquad (BS) this morning.  BS is a YHC’s original AO where he started his F3 journey… and after 4.5 years its undoubtedly one of the best decisions he made — thanks for the EH Quaker!

This morning we’d skip the blocks, do mainly body weight exercises w/ doses of core and use my other available #coupons at the house – 70# bucket, 50# sandbag and 50# kettlebell aka bucket-bag-bell or “BBB” – for functional resistance work.  Good morning, F3 mission, disclaimer, #mumblechatter, typical F3GS warm up, mosey to the large CFCC large parking lot and YHC explained the plan.

SEGMENT 1 “BBB”  In a DORA 1-2-3 manner, the crew did the following mini circuits (50-100-150 reps. and switching partners ea. time):

  1. Merkins – LBCs – Squats; complete 1 lap around lot & concession stand after circuit, plank and wait on 6.
  2. Burpees – 4-ct. Flutter Kicks – Jump Squats w/ 1 hand touching the ground; ” “
  3. 4-ct. SSHs – 4-ct. American Hammers – Scorpion Dry-docks; ” “

*Bucket – Bell – Bag / BBB carry protocol:  As the pairs completed each group of exercises, ea. Pax would (in lieu of running) select desired #coupon and carry width of parking lot.  If using the bag, QIC had the Pax drop the bag 2x, then carry.  Pax would rotate through the #coupon (when it was their turn) experiencing the grip / balance / carry challenge each presented.

SEGMENT 2 “Jump the Fence 7”  Using the baseball field fence adjacent to the parking lot, QIC lead the Pax through a 7 where Pax completed 6 Burpees, jumped the fence, and then did 1 Squat.  RNR until the numbers are flip flopped with the total number of reps. equaling 7.


QIC wrapped it up w/ light stretching.


COR – 9
Praise report/Prayer requests: Spoken and unspoken.
BOM by Beefsteak.

Announcements: Check out F3 GrandStrand regional website, Slack messages (especially) and Twitter posts for daily updates and information.  F3 Nation 10-year anniversary (10/8-10).  New executive board (in all facets) and AOQs are all active with ideas, initiatives and challenges — get plugged in!

NMMS: Strong work men!  Pax handled the DORA exercises just fine!  And the challenge of the carries was evident (especially the freakin heavy bucket), but the BS Pax plodded through and got it done!  #Crowdpleaser was jumping the fence…some of you never got chased by a dog and had to quickly traverse a fence – lol!  4 Pax at #coffeteria.  And 2 for a 2+ mile pre-run where we discussed being better dads and husbands.

Honor to lead!



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